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CompTIA CS0-001 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for CS0-001 were last updated at Jun 06,2020 .

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A company wants to update its acceptable use policy (AUP) to ensure it relates to the newly implemented password standard, which requires sponsored authentication of guest wireless devices.
Which of the following is MOST likely to be incorporated in the AUP?

A. Sponsored guest passwords must be at least ten characters in length and contain a symbol.
B. The corporate network should have a wireless infrastructure that uses open authentication standards.
C. Guests using the wireless network should provide valid identification when registering their wireless devices.
D. The network should authenticate all guest users using 802.1x backed by a RADIUS or LDAP server.


An organization is requesting the development of a disaster recovery plan. The organization has grown and so has its infrastructure. Documentation, policies, and procedures do not exist.
Which of the following steps should be taken to assist in the development of the disaster recovery plan?

A. Conduct a risk assessment.
B. Develop a data retention policy.
C. Execute vulnerability scanning.
D. Identify assets.


A cybersecurity professional typed in a URL and discovered the admin panel for the e-commerce application is accessible over the open web with the default password.
Which of the following is the MOST secure solution to remediate this vulnerability?

A. Rename the URL to a more obscure name, whitelist all corporate IP blocks, and require two-factor authentication.
B. Change the default password, whitelist specific source IP addresses, and require two-factor authentication.
C. Whitelist all corporate IP blocks, require an alphanumeric passphrase for the default password, and require two-factor authentication.
D. Change the username and default password, whitelist specific source IP addresses, and require two-factor authentication.


An analyst has initiated an assessment of an organization’s security posture. As a part of this review, the analyst would like to determine how much information about the organization is exposed externally.
Which of the following techniques would BEST help the analyst accomplish this goal? (Select two.)

A. Fingerprinting
B. DNS query log reviews
C. Banner grabbing
D. Internet searches
E. Intranet portal reviews
F. Sourcing social network sites
G. Technical control audits


A cybersecurity analyst is conducting a security test to ensure that information regarding the web server is protected from disclosure. The cybersecurity analyst requested an HTML file from the web server, and the

Which of the following actions should be taken to remediate this security issue?

A. Set “Allowlatescanning” to 1 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.
B. Set “Removeserverheader” to 1 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.
C. Set “Enablelogging” to 0 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.
D. Set “Perprocesslogging” to 1 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.


Exam Code: CS0-001Q & A: 414 Q&AsUpdated:  Jun 06,2020

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