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How to Pass Microsoft 70-774 Exam?

Dec 17,2018

Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning 70-774 exam is a required test for MCSA: Machine Learning certification, which demonstrates knowledge relevant to Machine Learning. To earn this certification, you need to pass Microsoft 70-774 exam successfully. In this article, I will introduce, how to pass Microsoft 70-774 exam?


How to pass Microsoft 70-774 exam


1. Learn what Microsoft 70-774 exam is about


Candidates for this Microsoft 70-774 exam are data scientists or analysts who use Azure cloud services to build and deploy intelligent solutions. After you learn and pass Microsoft 70-774 exam, you will have a good understanding of Azure data services and machine learning and are familiar with common data science processes such as filtering and transforming data sets, model estimation, and model evaluation.


2. Master Microsoft 70-774 Real Exam Topics

Microsoft certification 70-774 real exam topics cover the following 4 sections. 

Prepare Data for Analysis in Azure Machine Learning and Export from Azure Machine Learning
Develop Machine Learning Models
Operationalize and Manage Azure Machine Learning Services
Use Other Services for Machine Learning

3. Practice Microsoft 70-774 Real Exam Questions

We provide 65 Q&As for Microsoft 70-774 real exam questions, which can help you test the above Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning 70-774 exam skills. Share some Microsoft certification 70-774 real exam questions below for you to check the questions quality. 

You plan to use the Import Data module to import data from a web URL by using HTTP. Which file format can you use as the source of the import operation? 
A. Optimized Row Columnar (ORC) 
B. Extensible Markup Language (XML) 
C. comma-separated value (CSV) 
D. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) 
Answer: C 

You are building an Azure Machine Learning experiment.You are preparing the output of a Boosted Decision Tree Regression module. You add a Normalize Data module to the experiment. You need to ensure that the range of the transformation method produces an output on a scale of -1 to 1. Which transformation method should you use? 
A. MinMax 
B. TanH 
C. Logistic 
D. Zscore 
E. LogNormal 
Answer: A

You deploy Microsoft Data Management Gateway. You plan to use the Import Data module in Azure Machine Learning Studio to import data from an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server instance. Which operation can you perform? 
A. Write the data back to the on-premises SQL Server instance. 
B. Filter the data as the data is being read by using the Import Data module. 
C. Run a Transact-SQL query and use SQL views to filter the data as the data is being read. 
D. Access the on-premises SQL Server instance without using credentials, and then import the data. 
Answer: C

You plan to use Azure Machine Learning to develop a predictive model. You plan to include an Execute Python Script module. What capability does the module provide? 
A. importing Python modules from a ZIP file for execution in a Machine Learning experiment 
B. performing interactive debugging of a Python script 
C. saving the results of a Python script run in a Machine Learning environment to a local file 
D. returning multiple data frames 
Answer: A

To get more Microsoft 70-774 exam questions, please contact us via [email protected] Our Microsoft 70-774 real exam questions can guarantee you pass the test in the first attempt. Follow the above steps to pass Microsoft 70-774 exam. 

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