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New Updated 70-764 Exam Questions Available

Sep 03,2018

New Microsoft 70-764 exam questions have been updated, which are the latest version for you to prepare the test well. In our last 70-764 news, we know that, how to prepare 70-764 exam? From the content in this article, we know that 70-764 exam is a required test for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations certification, which also requires to pass Microsoft 70-765 exam. 


Our new updated 70-764 exam questions will help you pass Microsoft 70-764 exam with high score. Let me show you some Microsoft 70-764 exam sample questions below. 


A company has an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server environment and Microsoft Azure SQL Database instances. The environment hosts several customer databases.A customer that uses an on-premises instance reports that queries take a long time to complete.

You need to reconfigure table statistics so that the query optimizer can use the optimal query execution plans available.Which Transact-SQL segment should you use?

A. sys.index_columns




Answer: D


You have an application that queries a database. Users report that the application is slower than expected.You discover that several server process identifiers (SPIDs) have PAGELATCH_UP and PAGELATCH_EX waits. The resource descriptions of the SPIDs contains 2:1:1.You need to resolve the issue.What should you do?

A. Allocate additional processor cores to the server.

B. Add files to the file group of the application database.

C. Reduce the fill factor of all clustered indexes.

D. Add data files to tempdb.

Answer: D


You manage a Microsoft SQL Server environment. You plan to encrypt data when you create backups.You need to configure the encryption options for backups.What should you configure?

A. a certificate

B. an MD5 hash

C. an SHA-256 hash

D. an AES 256-bit key

Answer: D


The above are new Microsoft 70-764 exam questions, which can guarantee you pass. We provide Microsoft 70-764 new updated questions in both PDF and Software versions. With Microsoft 70-764 exam questions PDF version, you can print it out to study all the 70-764 updated questions and answers anywhere. Besides, with Microsoft 70-764 updated questions software version, you can feel the real exam environment. 

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