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When will 70-535 Exam be Retired? What are the replacement Tests?

Nov 23,2018

Note: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions 70-535 exam will be retired on Dec.31, 2018.  The new replacement tests are AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams. So  now, there are two options for you. 

1. If you do not take 70-535 exam before, you need to take both AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams to earn new Azure Architect certification after Dec.31, 2018.

2. If you have passed 70-535 exam before, you only need to take AZ-302 exam to earn new Azure Architect certification after Dec.31, 2018.


I collect real exam topics of 70-535, AZ-300 and AZ-301 tests from Microsoft official website, you can check the differences between them. 


 70-535 Real Exam Topics  AZ-300 Real Exam Topics  AZ-301 Real Exam Topics

 Design Compute Infrastructure (20-25%)  

 Design Data Implementation (15-20%)  

 Design Networking Implementation (15-20%)  

 Design Security and Identity Solutions (20-25%)  

 Design Solutions by using Platform Services (10-15%)  

 Design for Operations (10-15%)

 Deploy and Configure Infrastructure (25-30%)  

 Implement Workloads and Security (20-25%)  

 Architect Cloud Technology Solutions (5-10%) 

 Create and Deploy Apps (5-10%)  

 Implement Authentication and Secure Data (5-10%)  

 Develop for the Cloud (20-25%)

 Determine Workload Requirements (10-15%) 

 Design for Identity and Security (20-25%) 

 Design a Data Platform Solution (15-20%) 

 Design a Business Continuity Strategy (15-20%) 

 Design for Deployment, Migration, and Integration (10-15%) 

 Design an Infrastructure Strategy (15-20%)


With the information in the above table, you can know the differences between 70-535, AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams topics, and then you can know which part you need to pay attention to when preparing these exams. We have the latest Microsoft 70-535 real exam questions, which cover all the above 70-535 real exam topics. With our Microsoft 70-535 real exam questions in hand, you will not waste your registration fee, time and energy. 


Besides, if you want to get latest Microsoft AZ-300 and AZ-301 real exam questions, you can send email to us via [email protected], we will reply you soon. 

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