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Lpi 010-160 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 010-160 were last updated at Mar 06,2021 .

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The current directory contains the following file:
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 859688 Feb 7 08:15
Given that the file is a valid shell script, how can this script be executed? (Choose two.)

A. run
B. ${}
C. cmd ./
D. ./
E. bash


Which of the following keys can be pressed to exit less?

A. l
B. x
C. e
D. q
E. !


Which of the following commands creates an archive file work.tar from the contents of the directory ./work/?

A. tar --new work.tar ./work/
B. tar Ccf work.tar ./work/
C. tar Ccreate work.tgz Ccontent ./work/
D. tar work.tar < ./work/
E. tar work > work.tar


What keyword is used in a shell script to begin a loop? (Specify one keyword only, without any additional information.)

A. for


Which of the following tar options handle compression? (Choose two.)

A. -bz
B. -z
C. -g
D. -j
E. -z2

Exam Code: 010-160Q & A: 80 Q&AsUpdated:  Mar 06,2021

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