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VMware 2V0-62.21 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for 2V0-62.21 were last updated on Aug 09,2022 .

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Which domain attribute must be included to meet the SAML assertion requirement for Just-in-Time (JIT) provisioning of users in the Workspace ONE Access service?

A. distinguishedName
B. userName
C. firstName
D. lastName

- The SAML assertion must include the userName attribute.
When Just-in-Time user provisioning is enabled for a third-party identity provider, users are
created or updated in the Workspace ONE Access service during login based on SAML
assertions. SAML assertions sent by the identity provider must contain certain attributes.
The SAML assertion must include the userName attribute.


An administrator would like to configure SSO for Workspace ONE UEM console login.
Which catalog setting from Workspace ONE Access need to be configured?

A. WebApps
B. Virtual Apps
C. Hub Configuration
D. Hub Catalog



Every time Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub is opened, a passcode is requested for end-users to authenticate. Mobile SSO is configured correctly and the configuration and logs are not showing any errors.
Which should be configured for Single Sign-On to be seamless for end-users without requiring a passcode to access Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub?

A. Device Touch ID
B. Device Security Settings
C. Default AirWatch SDK
D. Device Profile Passcode



Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator has set up an iOS compliance policy for unwanted apps.
Which of the following is the expected behavior when Workspace ONE UEM receives the app sample indicating the presence of the unwanted app?

A. After 1 day, end user will receive the push notification.
B. The concerned device will be marked as Non-compliant immediately.
C. The concerned device will be unenrolled.
D. After 2 days, all managed apps will be blocked/removed from the concerned device.


Which is the only method to deploy Content Gateway when using Workspace ONE 20.01 and higher versions?

A. Legacy Windows
B. Unified Access Gateway (UAG)
C. Legacy Linux
D. Standalone


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