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AliCloud ACA-BIGDATA1 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for ACA-BIGDATA1 were last updated at May 07,2021 .

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There are multiple connection clients for MaxCompute, which of the following is the easiest way to configure workflow and scheduling for MaxCompute tasks? Score 2

A. Use DataWorks
B. Use Intelij IDEA
C. Use MaxCompute Console
D. No supported tool yetc


A Log table named log in MaxCompute is a partition table, and the partition key is dt. Anew partition is created daily to store the new data of that day. Now we have one month's data, starting from dt='20180101' to dt='20180131', and we may use ________ to delete the data on 20180101.

A. delete from log where dt='20180101'
B. truncate table where dt='20180101'
C. drop partition log (dt='20180101')
D. alter table log drop partition(dt='20180101')


Your company stores user profile records in an OLTP databases. You want to join the serecords with web server logs you have already ingested into the Hadoop file system.
What is the best way to obtain and ingest these user records?

A. Ingest with Hadoop streaming
B. Ingest using Hive
C. Ingest with sqoop import
D. Ingest with Pig's LOAD command


DataService Studio in DataWorks aims to build a data service bus to help enterprises centrally manage private and public APIs. DataService Studio allows you to quickly create APIs based on data tables and register existing APIs with the DataService Studio platform for centralized management and release.
Which of the following descriptions about DataService Studio in DataWorks is INCORRECT? Score 2

A. DataService Studio is connected to API Gateway. Users can deploy APIs to API Gateway with oneclick.
B. DataService Studio adopts the serverless architecture. All you need to care is the query logic of APIs, instead of the infrastructure such as the running environment.
C. To meet the personalized query requirements of advanced users, DataService Studio provides the custom Python script mode to allow you compile the API query by yourself. It also supports multi-table association, complex query conditions, and aggregate functions.
D. Users can deploy any APIs created and registered in DataService Studio to API Gateway for management, such as API authorization and authentication, traffic control, and metering


Machine Learning Platform for Artificial Intelligence (PAI) node is one of the node types in DataWorks business flow. It is used to call tasks created on PAI and schedule production activities based on the node configuration. PAI nodes can be added to DataWorks only _________. Score 2

A. after PAI experiments are created on PAI
B. after PAI service is activated
C. after MaxCompute service is activated
D. Spark on MaxCompute Machine Learning project is created

Exam Code: ACA-BIGDATA1Q & A: 78 Q&AsUpdated:  May 07,2021

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