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IBM C1000-091 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for C1000-091 were last updated on May 22,2022 .

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Which is the correct configuration in the dc_ums-datasource section for two failover DB servers of the User Management Service?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D


What is the purpose of the following entry inside the bai configuration section in the custom resource YAML file?

A. Setup the Kibana dashboards and visualizations pod for IBM Automation Digital Worker.
B. Setup the Flink pod for the ingestion of events from IBM Automation Digital Worker.
C. Setup the event processor pod to be able to ingest events from IBM Automation Digital Worker.
D. Setup the event emitters to ingest events from IBM Automation Digital Worker.


Which component of the Cloud Pak provides a verify container to validate a proper installation and configuration?

A. IBM Business Automation Application Engine
B. IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer
C. IBM FileNet Content Manager
D. IBM Automation Digital Worker


Where are the instructions and configuration files to install IBM Cloud Pak for Automation?

A. GitHub (
B. Red Hat container registry (
C. FixCentral (
D. Docker Hub (


Which feature facilitates manual backups in Flink?

A. Savepoint
B. Time capsule
C. Checkpoint
D. Snapshot


Exam Code: C1000-091Q & A: 60 Q&AsUpdated:  May 22,2022

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