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IBM C1000-097 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for C1000-097 were last updated on Jul 05,2022 .

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If a user desires a new skill for a Digital Worker, what is the proper manner to acquire it?

A. Discover an application's AP
B. Digitize it with the Digital Worker Studio.
C. Build the skill with a Skill Toolkit.
D. Utilize the AA Bot Store to download a skill.


What is the minimum OpenShift 3.11 cluster configuration needed for a medium or large Cloud Pak for Automation production environment?

A. 3 master. 2 compute nodes, 2 etcd nodes, 3 infra nodes
B. 1 master, 2 compute nodes, 2 etcd nodes, 2 infra nodes
C. 1 master, 3 compute nodes, 3 etcd nodes, 3 infra nodes
D. 3 master, 3 compute nodes, 3 etcd nodes, 3 infra nodes


Traditionally, case solutions were created in Case Builder and can still be used.
Which additional interface can be used to create case solutions?

A. Business Automation Navigator
B. Business Automation Studio
C. Process Center
D. Workflow Center


What is the most suitable use case for applying machine learning with Business Automation Workflow?

A. Decision making for each step in a business workflow
B. Identification of missing steps in a business workflow for optimization
C. Recommendation of risk event based on predicted next step in a business workflow
D. Identification of a change in the business rules of the organization


What can be used to extract entities, keywords, and relations features from documents?

A. Knowledge Catalog
B. Natural Language Understanding
C. Watson Studio
D. Watson Explorer

Exam Code: C1000-097Q & A: 60 Q&AsUpdated:  Jul 05,2022

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