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IBM C2090-011 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for C2090-011 were last updated at May 27,2020 .

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Consider two variables, my_income and my_spouses_income, in the dataset below. You created a third variable, total_income using the Compute Variable dialog and the following expression: total_income = my_income + my_spouses_income. True or false: the value for the 3rd case will be a system-missing value.

A. True
B. False


If you build an expression manually, as opposed to using a function (e.g., specify (V1+V2)/2 instead of MEAN (V1 , V2)), which statement is true?

A. If any of the variables used in the expression has a missing value, it will be ignored and the expression will proceed to evaluate with variables that have valid values.
B. It will always return a valid value for each case, regardless of whether one or more of the source variable values are missing.
C. If any of the variables used in the expression has a missing value, the result for that case is a system-missing value.
D. If any of the variables used in the expression has a missing value, you will get a notification pointing this out before you proceed.


The Merge Files facility is located under which menu?

A. View
B. Transform
C. Analyze
D. Data


Which transformation feature would you use to convert a string variable with values such as Female and Ma/e to a numeric variable with values I and 2?

A. Define Variable Properties
B. Automatic Recode
C. Visual Binning
D. Shift Values


As of PASW Statistics 17, options for exporting tables to Excel files include which of the following? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Create a new worksheet in an existing Microsoft Excel file
B. Add to an existing worksheet
C. Create a new Microsoft Excel file
D. Export all layers of a pivot table

Exam Code: C2090-011Q & A: 55 Q&AsUpdated:  May 27,2020

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