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DELL EMC E20-597 Exam Actual Questions

The questions for E20-597 were last updated at Apr 09,2021 .

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Which type of device is referred to as a BOOST device?

A. Data Domain
B. File Type
C. Advance File Type
D. Cloud


Which protocol is used when performing an EMC NetWorker backup to a cloud device ?



How does EMC NetWorker respond to an AFTD disk full condition?

A. Suspends all saves to that volume and runs nsrim.
B. Marks the volume full and terminates the backup.
C. Marks the volume full and continues the backup to a new volume.
D. Initiates a staging job to move files off the Advance File Type Device (AFTD).


Which EMC NetWorker host can belong to multiple data zones?

A. Client
B. Storage Node
C. Server
D. Remote Storage Node


A customer has recently purchased a Data Domain appliance to use with EMC NetWorker as the primary storage. The backup administrator needs to configure EMC NetWorker so that multiple backups and recoveries can be performed from a single device at any given time.
What type of device should the backup administrator configure?


Exam Code: E20-597Q & A: 361 Q&AsUpdated:  Apr 09,2021

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