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Huawei H12-311-ENU Exam Actual Questions

The questions for H12-311-ENU were last updated at Jun 05,2020 .

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Mesh networking is defined in which of the following 802.11 protocol standard?

A. 802.11a
B. 802.11g
C. 802.11e
D. 802.11s


Which of the following option is a prerequisite for starting load balancing function based on AP?

A. AP belongs to the same type
B. AP is under the management of same AC, and signal has overlap between AP
C. STA can scan AP which can process load balancing each other
D. The output power of the AP is consistent.


What kind of technology belongs to Wireless MAN in the folllowing?

A. 2G/3G
C. Bluetooth
D. WiMax


If the AP work is in infrastructure mode, then currently, AP working condition is full-duplex mode.

A. True
B. False


The correct steps for using the Huawei WLAN planning tool are ().

A. Draw coverage area - Draw obstacles - Auto arming AP - Export net gauge report
B. Draw obstacles - Draw coverage area - Auto arming AP - Export net gauge report
C. Draw Obstacle - Auto Arming AP - Auto Arming Switch - Export Net gauge Report
D. Automatically generate obstacles - Auto arming AP - Draw coverage area - Export net gauge report

Exam Code: H12-311-ENUQ & A: 263 Q&AsUpdated:  Jun 05,2020

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