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1V0-41.20 Associate VMware Network Virtualization Questions

Mar 22,2021

Associate VMware Network Virtualization 1V0-41.20 exam is a required test for VMware VCTA-NV certification. To earn this certification, you are able to identify use cases and business needs for VMware NSX platform, understand NSX terminology and perform navigation of NSX graphical user interface(s) and explain SDDC and Network Virtualization concepts, VMware Virtual Cloud Network vision, VMware NSX Architecture and NSX portfolio at a high level. To prepare VMware certification 1V0-41.20 exam well, the related 1V0-41.20 exam information is helpful in the preparation.

1V0-41.20 Associate VMware Network Virtualization Questions

VMware VCTA-NV 2021 1V0-41.20 Exam

VMware VCTA-NV 2021 1V0-41.20 exam validates your basic knowledge of VMware NSX platform, NSX terminology and navigation of NSX graphical user interface(s).
Number of Questions: 30
Duration: 90 minutes
Passing Score: 300
Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Proctored
Price: $125

VMware 1V0-41.20 Exam Blueprint Sections

VMware certification 1V0-41.20 exam blueprint sections cover the following details. 
Section 1-Architecture and Technologies
Section 2-Products and Solutions
Section 3-Planning and Designing
Section 4-Installing, Configuring, and Setup
Section 5-Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades
Section 6-Troubleshooting and Repairing
Section 7-Administrative and Operational Task

Share VMware 1V0-41.20 Real Exam Questions

Latest VMware VCTA-NV 2021 1V0-41.20 real exam questions can help you test all the above Associate VMware Network Virtualization 1V0-41.20 exam blueprint sections. Share some VMware certification 1V0-41.20 real exam questions below. 
1.How are NSX managed compute endpoints called?
A. Compute Node
B. Transport Node
C. vSphere Node
D. Transport Zone
Answer: B

2.What is the benefit of connecting segments to Tier-1 Gateways?
A. Enhanced micro-segmentation model
B. Enhanced North/South communication
C. Enhanced cloud consumption model
D. Enhanced East/West communication
Answer: D

3.A customer has experienced a disaster. Which statement describes a recovery benefit of a vSphere Environment with NSX Data Center?
A. It is a requirement to stretch cluster to have a DR scenario.
B. Workload mobility is tied to vCenter server.
C. It simplifies the DR by not requiring the change of the IP addresses of workloads.
D. NSX Datacenter enables replication between sites.
Answer: A

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