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1Y0-440 Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution Questions

Jan 07,2022

Citrix 1Y0-440 exam is one for CCE-AppDS certification, which validates the skills that experienced IT solution designers such as architects, engineers, and consultants need in order to assess and design comprehensive architecture of a Citrix networking environment and configure complex networking configurations. Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution 1Y0-440 exam certifies that exam takers have the requisite knowledge and skills required for defining the overall structure or architecture of a Citrix networking environment. The latest Citrix CCE-AppDS 1Y0-440 real questions are valid for you to pass the test.

1Y0-440 Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution Questions

Citrix CCE-AppDS 1Y0-440 Exam

Citrix certification 1Y0-440 exam covers advanced Citrix networking configurations and leading Citrix design principles.
Number of questions: 64
Duration: 150 minutes
Passing score: 65%
Language: English

Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution 1Y0-440 Topics

Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution 1Y0-440 topics cover the following details.

Networking Methodology and Assessment 11%
Citrix ADC Deployment Architecture and Topology 14%
Advanced Authentication and Authorization 21%
Citrix ADC Security 12%
VPN Configuration 12%
Advanced Traffic Management 11%
Citrix Application Delivery Management Automation and Orchestration 19%

Share Citrix 1Y0-440 Real Exam Questions

The latest Citrix 1Y0-440 real exam questions are the best material for you to test all the above topics. Share some Citrix CCE-AppDS 1Y0-440 real exam questions and answers below. 
1.Which step does a Citrix Architect need to ensure during the Define phase when following the Citrix Methodology?
A. Testing steps were integrated.
B. The project manager agrees with road map timelines.
C. A phased roll out was completed.
D. Existing networking infrastructure is ready.
E. The redundancy deployment decision was made.
Answer: E

2.For which three reasons should a Citrix Architect perform a capabilities assessment when designing and deploying a new NetScaler in an existing environment? (Choose three.)
A. Understand the skill set of the company.
B. Assess and identify potential risks for the design and build phase.
C. Establish and prioritize the key drivers behind a project.
D. Determine operating systems and application usage.
E. Identify other planned projects and initiatives that must be integrated with the design and build phase.
Answer: BDE

3.Scenario: A Citrix Architect has deployed Authentication for the SharePoint server through NetScaler. In order to ensure that users are able to edit or upload documents, the architect has configured persistent cookies on the NetScaler profile. Which action should the architect take to ensure that cookies are shared between the browser and non-browser applications?
A. The time zone should be the same on the NetScaler, client, and SharePoint server.
B. The SharePoint load-balancing VIP FQDN and the AAA VIP FQDN should be in the trusted site of the client browser.
C. The Secure flag must be enabled on the cookie.
D. The cookie type should be HttpOnly.
Answer: B

4.Under which two circumstances will a service be taken out of the slow start phase with automated slow start? (Choose two.)
A. The service does NOT receive traffic for three successive increment intervals.
B. The server request rate parameters are set above 25 requests per second.
C. The actual request rate is slower than the new service request rate.
D. The percentage of traffic that the new service must receive is greater or equal to 50.
E. The request rate has been incremented 100 times.
Answer: AC

5.A Citrix Architect needs to define the architect and operational processes required to implement and maintain the production environment. In which phase of the Citrix Methodology will the architect define this?
A. Define
B. Deploy
C. Assess
D. Review
E. Manage
F. Design
Answer: F

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