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2021 TCP-BW6 TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification Exam Questions

Apr 26,2021

TCP-BW6 TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification Exam is a related test for TIBCO Certified Professional Exams, which is designed for Enterprises and System Integrators with IT professionals and developers. To take TIBCO TCP-BW6 exam, you need to have one year development experience with: programming concepts, message oriented middleware, other relevant technologies REST, JSON, XML, XPath, JDBC and web services and understanding of distributed computing, adapters, services and canonical data model. The following TCP-BW6 exam information is useful for you to prepare TCP-BW6 exam.

2021 TCP-BW6 TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification Exam Questions

TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 TCP-BW6 Exam

After taking TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 Certification Exam TCP-BW6 test, you can design, develop, deploy, monitor, and manage TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks (BW) applications of average complexity with minimal supervision.
Number of exam questions: 63
Exam duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Percentage correct to pass the exam: 69%
Exam Cost: $300

TCP-BW6 TIBCO Certification Exam Topics

TIBCO certification TCP-BW6 exam topics are available below.
TIBCO TCP-BW6 Exam Topics

Share TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 TCP-BW6 Real Exam Questions

To study the above TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 TCP-BW6 exam topics, the new cracked TIBCO certification TCP-BW6 real exam questions are the best preparation material. Share some TIBCO BusinessWorks 6 certification TCP-BW6 real exam questions and answers below.

1.Which three statements are true about debugging a process using the TIBCO Designer Tester Utility? (Choose three.)
A. The process definition can be changed while debugging.
B. Input data can be supplied via an xml file to the process starter.
C. The current process instance can be paused during testing.
D. Breakpoint can be set in the process definition before the Start activity.
E. Step Into and Step Out of a subprocess can be used.
Answer: B,C,E

2.Which three activities can have transitions out to other activities? (Choose three.)
A. Catch
B. Inspector
C. Rethrow
D. Generate Error
E. Set Shared Variable
Answer: A,E

3.Which type of data field corresponds to a dynamically addressed participant?\
A. Participant
B. String
C. Performer
D. Boolean
E. Integer Number
Answer: C

4.Your company is about to implement a new integration project with a Human Resources application that deals with sensitive information. All interactions with this information must be secured. Your security team has determined that Transport Layer Security (TLS) will meet the privacy requirements for securing the JMS transport between integration endpoints. Which two components are required to implement TLS within yourTIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks project? (Choose two.)
A. identity resource with Type = Identity File
B. identity resource with Type = Username/Password
C. JNDI-based JMS connection
D. Trusted Certifcates Folder
Answer: A,D

5.Your corporate SOA infrastructure must invoke several notification services. You are able to use the Receive Partner Notifcation activity of the Service Palette to accomplish this. What is the correct messaging configuration to use for these services?
A. SOAP over JMS
B. Rendezvous Publisher
D. JMS Topic Publisher
Answer: A

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