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2022 New H12-411_V2.0 HCIA-Datab Center Facility Real Questions

Jan 21,2022

New H12-411_V2.0 HCIA-Data-Center-Facility real exam questions are here for you to pass the test, which can test you have basic deployment and O&M capabilities of the data center facility and be competent for positions such as junior implementation engineers and junior O&M engineers. All the other Huawei certification H12-411_V2.0 exam information is helpful for you to pass the test easily. I collect them from Huawei official website and share them with you.

2022 New H12-411_V2.0 HCIA-Data-Center Facility Real Questions

Huawei H12-411_V2.0 Exam

Huawei H12-411_V2.0 exam information is available below for you to study the test. 

H12-411_V2.0 information

H12-411_V2.0 HCIA-Data-Center-Facility Knowledge Content

HCIA-Data-Center-Facility H12-411_V2.0 exam knowledge content cover the following details. 

H12-411_V2.0 knowledge content

Share some Huawei H12-411_V2.0 Real Exam Questions

Huawei H12-411_V2.0 real exam questions are your big helper to test the above HCIA-Data-Center-Facility knowledge content. Share some Huawei HCIA-Data-Center-Facility H12-411_V2.0 real exam questions below. 
1.The following air conditioners do not need to install cooling towers.
A. Air-cooled direct expansion air conditioner
B. Water-cooled air conditioner
C. Air-cooled chilled water air conditioner
D. Water-cooled chilled water air conditioner
Answer: A,C

2.The following () options belong to water-cooled chilled water air conditioners. (Multiple choice)
A. No need to install a cooling tower
B. Only for small data centers
C. need to install a cooling tower
D. Suitable for medium and large data centers
Answer: C,D

3.Which of the following statements about the battery is wrong:
A. The battery room should prevent the temperature from being too high to prevent thermal runaway.
B. The reason for the swelling of the battery is that the pressure becomes higher due to excessive gas evolution.
C. When the battery reaches the end of its service life, it does not require special treatment and can be sold directly to scrap for recycling.
D. When the battery leaks, do not touch it directly with your hands.
Answer: C

4.The function of the following () parts is to help with oil return.
A. liquid lens
B. oil sight glass
C. Oil trap
D. reverse bend
Answer: C

5.In the data center power supply and distribution system, the low-voltage circuit breaker with three-stage protection feature is used for.
A. Prevent branch circuit short circuit caused by branch circuit overload
B. Prevent the main circuit from being overloaded due to the short circuit of the branch circuit
C. Prevent the main circuit from breaking due to branch circuit breaking
D. Prevent the main circuit from breaking due to a short circuit in the branch circuit
Answer: B,D

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