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7492X Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Support Exam Questions

Jul 29,2020
Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Support Exam 7492X exam is a required test for ACSS-Avaya Aura Call Center Elite credential. To be certified, you need to pass 7492X exam successfully. We have cracked the latest Avaya ACSS 7492X real exam questions, which will be the best material. To pass 7492X exam easily, study related 7492X exam information, topics and real exam questions is a required step in the preparation.


Avaya 7492X Exam

Learning Avaya ACSS 7492X exam is a basic step for you to study the test. There are 52 questions in real Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Support Exam 7492X test. You have 90 minutes to complete the test. The required passing score of Avaya certification 7492X exam is 68%, You can register Avaya ACSS 7492X exam at Pearson VUE test center.

ACSS 7492X Exam Objectives

Avaya ACSS 7492X exam objectives can help you study the test. The following are the details of Avaya 7492X exam objectives. 
Describe virtual routing
Troubleshoot using the Communication Manager Denial Event.
Describe the troubleshooting tools in CM and apply troubleshooting command such as “list trace vdn”, “list trace vector” and “list trace station”
Describe the troubleshooting tools in CM and apply troubleshooting commands such as “list trace vdn”, “list trace vector” and “list trace station”
Describe Business Advocate (BA) with fundamental call center questions
Understand the common problems that traditional ACD calling centers experience and how Business Advocate can help overcome these problems.
Troubleshooting the Avaya Aura? Media Server.
Describe the vector variable operations.
List Trace, Display Events, and List Usage.
Troubleshoot common call vectoring issues.
Describe the Best Service Routing feature in Avaya Aura? Call Center Elite.
Describe the Best Service Routing in a multisite environment
Describe the Service Level Maximizer (SLM)
Describe the capabilities and features of Dynamic Business Advocate.

Share Avaya ACSS 7492X Real Exam Questions

To test the above Avaya ACSS 7492X exam objectives, the new cracked Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Support Exam 7492X real exam questions are the best guides. Share some Avaya ACSS 7492X real exam questions and answers below. 
1.A company using Avaya Aura? Call Center Elite is experiencing problems configuring vectors. The vector is not routing calls to a particular queue. Vectors are routing calls to other configured queues correctly.As a part of a good Global Support Services (GSS) methodology, what should the company do next?
A. Reduce or eliminate the business impact of the vector by testing the vectors.
B. Identify components where the queue is configured, including the switch, the communication manager, and the programming of the vector, and formulate a hypothesis for testing.
C. Take corrective action for the vector configuration, by reviewing the current situation and modifying it until the vector queues calls properly.
D. Determine the frequency and severity of the issue where the vector does not route calls properly.
Answer: B 

2.If your software is not working, what is the best practice to determine how to fix the concern?
A. Do a root cause analysis and gather information to solve the problem to prevent future issues.
B. Use the nine disciplines associated with troubleshooting to identify and describe the problem.
C. The ability to get the software running immediately will solve all business needs.
D. Monitor logs and alerts for information for a few months to determine the problem.
Answer: A

3.With consideration to the Avaya Global Support Services troubleshooting methodology, which step is most important when developing a hypothesis for troubleshooting software?
A. Determining the triggers
B. Recognizing the problem
C. Choosing corrective actions
D. Implementing corrective actions
Answer: B

4.A customer has SLM in their contact center deployed, but would now like to add the Business Advocate feature to increase staffing automation, so that the supervisor can spend more time coaching their agents. Which statement is true?
A. Business Advocate can exist with EAS enabled.
B. SLM can exist without EAS enabled.
C. The Business Advocate feature and SLM cannot co-exist on the same system.
D. The Business Advocate feature can run on the same system that has SLM configured.
Answer: C

5.What are three major benefits of SLM with EAS? (Choose three.)
A. Can incorporate Business Advocate as an additional feature
B. Less average delay to answer
C. Greater control over providing differentiated service
D. Redundant network coverage
E. Autopilot capability
Answer: BCD

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