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ASDEV01 Blue Prism Associate Developer Exam Preparation

May 25,2023

Looking for the latest ASDEV01 exam preparation material? We all know that the primary focus of the ASDEV01 exam for Blue Prism Associate Developer certification is to assess individuals' fundamental abilities and understanding in configuring basic process automation solutions using Blue Prism. If you are working in such areas, ASDEV01 exam is your best choice. All the Blue Prism Associate Developer ASDEV01 exam related information is helpful in the preparation. 

ASDEV01 Blue Prism Associate Developer Exam Preparation

ASDEV01 Blue Prism Exam Info

The ASDEV01 exam is intended for individuals who are starting their journey in RPA development or those who want to validate their skills and knowledge in Blue Prism's platform.
Number of questions: 50
Format: single choice, multiple choice, drag & drop, fill in the blank
Duration: 50 minutes
Pass Mark: 70%

Blue Prism Associate Developer ASDEV01 Exam Scope

The following are the details of Blue Prism Associate Developer ASDEV01 exam topics. 

Blue Prism Native Functions: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the available Blue Prism native functions and how to effectively apply them in automation solutions.

Datatypes and Data Casting: Explore different datatypes and learn how to convert data from one type to another using the calculation stage.

Debugging Techniques: Master the art of debugging by learning how to step in, step out, set breakpoints, and handle exceptions when stepping over or out of subpages.

Process Flow Control: Understand the flow of processes, including decision and choice stages, as well as the integration of sub-pages within the process flow.

Action Retrying: Learn the proper implementation of action retrying according to Blue Prism's standard template in order to enhance process reliability.

Blue Prism Process Templates: Familiarize yourself with the structure and flow of Blue Prism process templates, enabling you to utilize them effectively.

Attribute Usage: Properly utilize attributes to ensure consistent element identification. Identify which attributes are most effective for ensuring unique element identification and which ones are not. Investigate reasons for previously spied elements suddenly not being found. Implement dynamic attributes, set attribute parameters from Blue Prism stages, and employ regular expressions for element identification.

ASDEV01 Blue Prism Associate Developer Exam Preparation Tips

1.Review the ASDEV01 Exam Objectives: Familiarize yourself with the official ASDEV01 exam objectives provided by Blue Prism. These objectives outline the topics and skills that will be assessed in the ASDEV01 exam. Use them as a roadmap for your preparation.

2.Study Official ASDEV01 Documentation: Utilize the official Blue Prism documentation, including user guides, developer guides, and tutorials. These ASDEV01 resources provide in-depth information on various aspects of the platform and can serve as valuable reference materials during your preparation.

3.Take Online ASDEV01 Courses or Training: Consider enrolling in online courses or training programs specifically designed for the Blue Prism platform. These ASDEV01 courses can provide structured learning and guidance, covering all the necessary topics for the exam.

4.Practice with ASDEV01 real exam questions: The ASDEV01 real exam questions help you become familiar with the format of the questions, identify areas where you need further study, and improve your time management skills.

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