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Actual IBM C1000-087 Real Exam Questions

Jun 21,2021

Actual IBM C1000-087 real exam questions are available, which are the best material for you to learn the test. To take and pass IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 C1000-087 exam, you can design, plan and create an architecture with IBM Cloud Pak for Applications. Studying all the IBM Certification C1000-087 exam related information is a first step for you to prepare for this IBM Cloud Management and Platform C1000-087 test.

Actual IBM C1000-087 Real Exam Questions

IBM Cloud Management and Platform C1000-087 Exam

In real IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 C1000-087 exam, there are 60 questions, and you have 90 minutes to complete IBM Cloud Management and Platform C1000-087 exam. The number of questions required to pass IBM certification C1000-087 exam is 43. The available languages of IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 C1000-087 exam are English and Japanese. You can register IBM certification C1000-087 exam at Pearson VUE test center. 

IBM C1000-087 Exam Objectives

IBM Certification C1000-087 exam objectives cover all the following IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 objectives. 

Section 1: Design and architect a Cloud Native solution 13%

Understand the main elements of a cloud native solution
Design a Microservices architecture
Explain Containers and Container Orchestration
Understand the Cloud Native reference architecture

Section 2: OpenShift Container Platform Architecture 17%

Understand the OpenShift Container Platform Architecture
Understand HA,DR, Backup and Storage

Section 3: Cloud Pak for Applications Overview 20%

Understand the Cloud Pak for Applications value proposition
Explain IBM Cloud Pak for Applications components
Understand entitlements and subscriptions
Articulate Cloud Pak integration scenarios 

Section 4: Architecting for new applications 12%

Design serverless applications 
Build Mobile application
Understand the capabilities of runtimes
Section 5: Architecting new applications with Accelerators for Teams 17%

Describe the business value and outcomes from cloud-native governance and Accelerators for Teams
Understand the reference architecture for Accelerator for Teams via Operators that manage the lifecycles and governance of the components
Demonstrate knowledge of how to approach building and customizing application stacks
Demonstrate knowledge of the available developer tools 
Understand how to customize the integrated DevOps Toolchain

Section 6: Modernize applications 12%

Understand the Application Modernization Journey 
Understand the use case of running existing applications
Understand the application modernization tools 

Section 7: Architect Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and the DevOps lifecycle 9%

Extending deployment automation, governance, pipeline & release orchestration with IBM Cloud DevOps
Understand the value of integrating IBM Cloud DevOps with Openshift Pipelines and other Cloud providers

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The new IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Solution Architect V4.1 C1000-087 real exam questions can help you test all the above IBM certification C1000-087 exam objectives. 
1.What practice allows deploying microservices on OpenShift by applying agile practices through automation and improving efficiency on Cloud Pak for Applications?
A. Cloud native application development
B. Agile architecture
C. Application program management
D. DevOps
Answer: A

2.Which service does IBM Mobile Foundation provide for both native and hybrid developers?
A. Canary release support
B. High Availability
C. API Security
D. Live Update
Answer: C

3.Which statement is true for Operators?
A. Operators describes a set of objects that can be parameterized and processed to produce a list of objects for creation by OpenShift Container Platform
B. Operators provide constant health checks of every component related to the Operator
C. Operators provide a web console for cluster administrators to discover and select Operators to install on their cluster
D. Operators provide ClusterServiceVersions (CSVs) and Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) for creation in a cluster and stores metadata about packages and channels
Answer: A

4.Which two statements are true about IBM Cloud Pak for Applications?
A. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications monitors running application for container mutations
B. Accelerator for Teams assesses and recommends runtime changes to fit the functional and non-functional requirements of the business application
C. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications entitlements allows deploying the IBM and Red Hat runtimes on top of OpenShift only
D. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications helps migrate traditional WAS ND applications into Liberty or WAS Base container in OpenShift
E. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications supports applications running on different runtimes
Answer: C,D

5.Which statement describes a benefit of containers?
A. Containers define a small, fast and portable software unit and provide isolation
B. Containers assigns a slice of the underlying computing power, memory, and storage to each pod under its control
C. Containers help release software on demand by implementing continuous delivery
D. Containers provide load balancing, auto-scaling, and zero downtime deployments
Answer: B

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