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Adobe Experience Manager AD0-E106 Exam Replaces 9A0-397

Jan 13,2020

Good news for the candidates who want to earn Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer certification, latest Adobe certification AD0-E106 real exam questions have been cracked, which are valid for you to pass the test. The former code 9A0-397 exam English version has been retired. Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer AD0-E106 exam is the new replacement test. The following AD0-E106 exam information, topics and real exam questions are valid in your preparation. 

New Adobe AD0-E106 Exam Replaces 9A0-397

AD0-E106 Exam Information

The following Adobe certification AD0-E106 exam information can help you understand the test well. 
Number of questions: 54
Time limit: 108 minutes
Format: Multiple choice, multiple select
Language offered: English
Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
Passing score: 550

AD0-E106 Exam Topics

The following contents are covered in Adobe certification AD0-E106 exam topics.
Section 1: Install and Configure AEM 24%
Section 2: Troubleshoot AEM Environments 22%
Section 3: Install and configure Dispatcher 13%
Section 4: Build and Deployments 15%
Section 5: Maintenance and Operations 26%

AD0-E106 Real Exam Questions

AD0-E106 Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer real exam questions have been cracked, which can help you test the above exam topics. Share some Adobe AD0-E106 real exam questions below. 
1.How can the DevOps Engineer prevent any user from logging in with the default admin credentials during startup of the AEM instance?
A. Update the default password in the OSGi configuration for the OSGi web console
B. Change the default AEM admin password on initial setup
C. Configure the dispatcher to prevent access to /system/console
D. Disable the OSGi web console login bundle by using the production ready runmode
Answer: B

2.A problem is found on an AEM instance. How can the DevOps Engineer enable the developers to step through the actual code that is running?
A. Connect to the JVM using a JMX connection
B. Start AEM with the remote debugging JVM parameter
C. Start AEM with the debug runmode set
D. Create an SSH tunnel to access the AEM java port
Answer: B

3.On which instance should a flush agent be configured to prevent invalidation timing issues after invalidation?
A. Author
B. Loadbalancer
C. Dispatcher
D. Publish
Answer: D
Use Adobe certification AD0-E106 real exam questions to pass the test in the first attempt. 

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