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Alicloud ACA-Database Real Exam Questions

Aug 30,2021

Alicloud ACA-Database exam is intended for individuals who have technical expertise in deployment, management, and operations on Alibaba Cloud Database. After you earn Alicloud ACA-Database certification, it proves that you have mastered the core functions and applicable skills of Alibaba Cloud database products and can obtain better employment opportunities in Alibaba Cloud ecosystem. Besides, you also need to study the related Alicloud ACA-Database related information. 

Alicloud ACA-Database Real Exam Questions

Alicloud ACA-Database Exam

Alicloud certification ACA-Database exam information is available. 
Number of questions: 50
Duration: 90 minutes
Passing score: 60 (out of 100 points)
Available language: English
Registration fee: $120
ACA-Database questions type

ACA-Database Alicloud Exam Domains

ACA-Database Alicloud exam domains cover the following details. 
ACA-Database domains

Share Alicloud ACA-Database Real Exam Questions

Alicloud ACA-Database real exam questions can help you test all the above exam content. Share some Alicloud certification ACA-Database real exam questions and answers below. 
1.You have a client that wants to move from another cloud provider's database service to RDS. Which of these is the best way to move their database to Alibaba Cloud?
A. This type of migration isn't possible
B. Use DTS (Data Transmission Service)
C. Make a full physical backup of their database and copy it into OSS
D. Migrate the entire VM hosting the database
Answer: B

2. Which of the following is not a feature or usage scenario of Data Lake Analytics (DLA)?
A. Stream or micro-batch processing
B. Batch processing
C. Interactive analysis
D. Online transaction processing
Answer: D

3. Which of the following is the wrong statement about PolarDB design architecture?
A. A PolarDB cluster contains one primary instance and up to 15 read-only instances
B. Read/write splitting is enabled for PolarDB clusters by default, providing transparent, highly available, and self-adaptive load balancing for your database
C. High speed network connection is enabled between the DB server and the chunk server, and data are transferred using the Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) protocol
D. PolarDB consolidate compute processes and storage processes in one box, allowing the database capacity to scale up and down to meet your application needs in Alibaba Cloud
Answer: D

4. Which database utility is good for database management and DevOps?
Answer: D

5. What does DIM mean in data warehouse terms?
A. Operational data store (ODS)
B. Dimension table
C. Application data service (ADS)
D. Common data model (CDM)
Answer: B

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