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CAU302 CyberArk Defender+ Sentry Real Exam Questions

Sep 07,2020

CyberArk Defender+ Sentry CAU302 real exam questions have been cracked, which are valuable for you to prepare the test. CyberArk Defender+ Sentry CAU302 exam is intended to certify an examinee’s competence to fill one of the following roles within a Privileged Account Security Program. To prepare CyberArk Defender+ Sentry CAU302 exam well, the following CyberArk CAU302 exam information, topics and real exam questions are helpful in the preparation. 

CAU302 CyberArk Defender+ Sentry Real Exam Questions

CAU302 CyberArk Defender+ Sentry Exam

Number of questions: 65 multiple-choice questions
Duration: 90 minutes
Exam fee: $200 USD. 
Passing score: at least 70% correct

CyberArk CAU302 Exam Content

CyberArk certification CAU302 exam content cover the following sections.
CPM Deployment
Performance Tuning
PSM Deployment
PSM for SSH Deployment
PVWA Deployment
Vault Deployment

Study CyberArk CAU302 Real Exam Questions

With the new cracked CyberArk Defender+ Sentry CAU302 real exam questions, you can prepare the test well. Share some CyberArk CAU302 real exam questions and answers below. 
1.If a user is a member of more than one group that has authorizations on a safe, by default that user is granted __________________.
A. the vault will not allow this situation to occur.
B. only those permissions that exist on the group added to the safe first.
C. only those permissions that exist in all groups to which the user belongs.
D. the cumulative permissions of all the groups to which that user belongs.
Answer: D

2.Which parameter controls how often the CPM looks for Exclusive Passwords that need to be changed?
A. HeadStartInterval
B. Interval
C. ImmediateInterval
D. The CPM does not change the password under this circumstance
Answer: C

3.Time of day of week restrictions on when password changes can occur are configured in ________________.
A. The Master Policy
B. The Platform settings
C. The Safe settings
D. The Account Details
Answer: B

4.Is it possible to modify the CyberArk Vault Audit Log?
A. Yes, a Vault administrator can modify the Audit log
B. No, the audit trail is tamper proof and cannot be edited, not even by Master
C. Yes, but only the Master user can modify the Audit log
D. Yes, a Vault administrator can edit the Audit log but only with explicit permission from CyberArk
Answer: B

5.An Auditor needs to login to the PSM in order to live monitor an active session.Which User ID is used to establish the RDP connection to the PSM server?
A. PSMConnect
B. PSMMaster
C. PSMGwUser
D. PSMAdminConnect
Answer: D

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