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Citrix CCP-N 1Y0-341 Real Exam Questions

Jan 22,2021

Citrix ADC Advanced Topics-Security. Management and Optimization (CCP-N) 1Y0-341 real exam questions have been cracked. The 1Y0-341 exam was developed for candidates who have demonstrated the minimum requisite knowledge and skills required for a Citrix networking professional who can deploy and/or manage Citrix Web App Firewall to secure application access in a Citrix ADC 13 environment, as well as Citrix Application Delivery Management to administer a Citrix ADC environment or optimize Citrix ADC-managed application delivery traffic.

Citrix CCP-N 1Y0-341 Real Exam Questions

Citrix CCP-N 1Y0-341 Exam

Number of Questions: 69 multiple choice
Duration: 75 minutes + 30 minutes (time extension)
Passing score: 66%
Available language: English

Citrix 1Y0-341 Exam Topics

Citrix CCP-N 1Y0-341 exam topics cover the following details. 
Section 1: Introducing Citrix Web App Firewall
Section 2: Citrix Web App Firewall Profiles and Policies
Section 3: Implementing Citrix Web App Firewall Protections
Section 4: Additional Citrix Web App Firewall Protections
Section 5: Monitoring and Troubleshooting Citrix Web App Firewall
Section 6: Citrix ADC Security and Filtering
Section 7: Authentication using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
Section 8: Authentication using OAuth and OpenID
Section 9: Introduction and Configuration of Citrix Application Delivery Management
Section 10: Managing and Monitoring Citrix ADC Instances
Section 11: Managing Citrix ADC Configurations
Section 12: Integrated Caching
Section 13: Front End Optimization
Section 14: Performance Tuning and Other Optimizations

Study Citrix CCP-N 1Y0-341 Real Exam Questions

Citrix CCP-N 1Y0-341 real exam questions can help you test all the above Citrix ADC Advanced Topics-Security. Management and Optimization (CCP-N) exam topics. Share some Citrix CCP-N 1Y0-341 real exam questions and answers below.
1.Which three options can be used to specify the destination of an HTTP Callout? (Choose three.)
A. Cache redirection Virtual server
B. Global server load balancing Virtual server
C. Citrix ADC Gateway Virtual server
D. Content switching Virtual server
E. Load balancing Virtual server
Answer: A,D,E

2.A Citrix Engineer has deployed Front-end Optimization on NetScaler. The following are the snippets of the content before and after optimization.
Before Optimization:
Which optimization technique has been applied to the content?
A. Inline JavaScript
B. Move JavaScript to End of Body Tag
C. Convert linked JavaScript to inline JavaScript
D. Minify JavaScript
Answer: D

3.Which two response headers are added by Application Firewall? (Choose two.)
A. Range
B. Transfer-Encoding
C. Accept-Encoding
D. Accept-Language
E. Set-Cookie
Answer: B,E

4.Which Citrix Web App Firewall profile setting can a Citrix Engineer configure to provide a response when a violation occurs?
A. Return URL
B. Default Request
C. Default Response
D. Redirect URL
Answer: C

5.Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to ensure that the flow of traffic to a web application does NOT overwhelm the server. After thorough testing, the engineer determines that the application can handle a maximum of 3,000 requests per minute. The engineer builds a limit identifier, rl_maxrequests, to enforce this limitation.Which advanced expression can the engineer write in the Responder policy to invoke rate limiting?
A. SYS.CHECK_LIMIT("rl_maxrequests").GE(3000)
B. SYS.CHECK_LIMIT("rl_maxrequests")
C. SYS.CHECK_LIMIT("rl_maxrequests").IS_VALID
D. SYS.CHECK_LIMIT("rl_maxrequests").CONTAINS("Busy")
Answer: B

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