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Cracked IBM C1000-015 Real Exam Questions

Nov 16,2020

IBM C1000-015 exam is a required test for IBM Certified Application Developer using Process Designer-Business Process Manager V8.6 certification, which is intended for BPM Application Developers who lead and contribute to the delivery of complex process applications. We have cracked the latest IBM certification C1000-015 real exam questions, which are the best material for you to pass IBM C1000-015 exam. I also collected the latest IBM C1000-015 information, topics and real exam questions for you to study. 

Cracked IBM C1000-015 Real Exam Questions

IBM C1000-015 Exam Information

IBM Certification C1000-015 exam information can help you understand the test well. 
Number of questions: 58
Number of questions to pass: 43
Time allowed: 90 mins
Available Language: English

C1000-015 IBM Exam Topics

C1000-015 IBM Certification exam topics cover the following 7 sections. 
IBM Business Process Manager Architecture 10%
Process Modeling 19%
User Interface Development 21%
Service Development 19%
Content Management 7%
Error Handling, Debugging and Troubleshooting 14%
Deployment, Governance and Toolkits 10%

Study IBM Certification C1000-015 Real Exam Questions

There are 58 Q&As in the new cracked IBM certification C1000-015 real exam questions. With all of IBM Business Process Manager V8.6 Application Development using Process Designer C1000-015 real exam questions and answers, you can test all the above exam topics. Share some IBM C1000-015 real exam questions and answers below. 
1.Which statement is true regarding IBM BPM capabilities to support structured and dynamic processes?
A. It only supports structured process models with a defined sequence of activities following the BPMN 2.0 notation.
B. It only supports dynamic processes using ad-hoc activities. Structured process models are not supported.
C. Process applications must include one structured process model, but additional ad-hoc activities can be added if desired.
D. It supports structured process models using the BPMN 2.0 notation as well as unstructured processes using ad-hoc activities.
Answer: A

2.What is a valid reason why a development team might consider designing a process application with an externalized Ul?
A. IBM BPM does not provide a Ul framework that works with integrated systems.
B. The IBM BPM Ul toolkit does not work on mobile devices.
C. An organization might need to embed task list and human activity into existing systems instead of using the IBM BPM Ul framework.
D. The IBM BPM Ul framework requires an additional software purchase in addition to IBM BPM.
Answer: C

3.In IBM BPM, what needs to be done to use an external service in a Service Flow?
A. Use a Decision activity type to invoke the rules of an external service
B. Use a Service Task activity type to invoke an operation of the external service
C. Use a Modify Task activity type to invoke an operation of the external service
D. Use a Content Integration Task activity type to invoke an operation of the external service
Answer: A

4.Which statement is true regarding the Tab index configuration option?
A. It flags the control to display with the warning color.
B. It sequences each Tab dynamically for the Tab control.
C. It sets the sequence index for the control on the form when the user presses their Tab1 keyboard button.
D. It only works when the Coach is set to Responsive mode.
Answer: B

5.Which component is only available in IBM BPM and not in IBM BPM Express?
A. Process Server
B. IBM BPM messaging engine
C. Process Portal
D. Case Management
Answer: A

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