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Cracked Real Questions for IBM C1000-085 Exam

Nov 17,2021

IBM Netezza Performance Server V11.x Administrator C1000-085 exam is a required test for IBM Certified Administrator-Netezza Performance Server V11.x certification. To take IBM Certification C1000-085 exam, the individual has significant experience as a database administrator and extensive knowledge of how the IBM Netezza Performance Server works. Besides, the individual can perform tasks related to administration, monitoring, security, implementation and configuration.

Cracked Real Questions for IBM C1000-085 Exam

IBM C1000-085 Exam

IBM certification C1000-085 exam basic information is helpful in your preparation. 
Number of questions: 60
Number of questions to pass: 41
Time allowed: 90 minutes
Language: English
Price: $200

C1000-085 IBM Certification Exam Objectives

C1000-085 IBM Netezza Performance Server V11.x Administrator exam objectives cover the following details. 

C1000-085 exam objectives

Share IBM C1000-085 Real Exam Questions

IBM C1000-085 real exam questions can help you test all the above IBM Netezza Performance Server V11.x Administrator exam objectives. Share some IBM Certification C1000-085 real exam questions and answers below. 
1.What two files are extracted from the SQL Extension toolkit package?
A.libnetinza-version.tar gz
Answer: AE

2.To enable or disable multiple schema support on the IBM Netezza Performance Server, which configuration file needs to be updated?
Answer: C

3.Which two products or methods can be used for disaster recovery when using IBM Netezza Performance Servers?
A.Cloud Pak for Data
B.InfoSphere Data Replication
C.Netezza Replication Services
D.Data Serialization
E.NPS Backup and Restore
Answer: BE

4.What is the purpose of the nzstate command?
A.restore the database to the last backup
B.list the state of the system
C.list the states of backups available
D.list the state of a running query
Answer: A

5.What should be the state of the IBM Netezza Performance Server system in order to run the nz_manual_vacuum command?
Answer: C