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DELL EMC DCS-IE DES-1121 Real Questions

Nov 19,2021

DELL EMC DCS-IE DES-1121 real exam questions have been cracked, which contain 69 Q&As. DES-1121 exam is a qualifying exam for the Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions (DCS-IE) track. DELL EMC certification DES-1121 exam focuses on configuration and business continuity administration of PowerMax and VMAX Family storage arrays in open systems environments. All the other DELL EMC DES-1121 exam related information is valuable in the preparation. 

DELL EMC DCS-IE DES-1121 Real Questions


Specialist-Implementation Engineer PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Version 1.0 DES-1121 exam information can help you have a basic understanding of the test. 
Number of questions: 60
Duration: 90 minutes
Pass Score: 63

DES-1121 DCS-IE Exam Topics

DELL EMC certification DES-1121 exam topics cover the following details. 
PowerMax and VMAX Family Local and Remote Replication (9%)
PowerMax and VMAX Family Business Continuity Administration (26%)
Unisphere for PowerMax Implementation and Administration (8%)
PowerMax and VMAX Family Configuration Administration (41%)
Solutions Enabler Implementation (7%)
Non-Disruptive Migration to PowerMax and VMAX Family (9%)

Share DELL EMC DES-1121 Real Exam Questions

To test all the above DELL EMC DES-1121 exam topics, the new cracked DELL EMC DES-1121 real exam questions are the best preparation material. Share some Specialist-Implementation Engineer PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Version 1.0 DES-1121 real exam questions below. 
1.Which Solutions Enabler daemon is responsible for Oatekeeper management?
A. storapid
B. storsrvd
C. storslpd
D. storgnsd
Answer: C

2.What is the maximum number of supported cascaded Storage Group levels in PowerMax and VMAX Family arrays?
A. 1
B. 4
C. 16
D. 64
Answer: D

3.When using TimeFinder SnapVX, why would a redirection-write be changed to a copy-on-write?
A. Snapshot delta has used 80% of the SRP
B. Prevent a new write from being demoted to a lower tier
C. Back-end utilization exceeds 80%
D. Improve wear rates on flash disks
Answer: A

4.A PowerMax administrator modified a Storage Group to add more volumes. The administrator then decides to use the Suitability Check to ensure compliance is met. The Suitability check runs but does not provide any information. What is the likely cause for this issue?
A. Array has not been registered for performance data collection
B. Volumes were added to the Storage Group before using the Suitability report
C. Suitability Check was run before the Storage Group was configured
D. Steps were skipped in the Modify Storage Group setup before running the Suitability Check
Answer: D

5.What is the minimum required memory and minimum required disk space to manage a maximum volume count of 64000 and 10 arrays when installing Unisphere for PowerMax?
A. 8 GB of available memory and 100 GB of available disk
B. 12 GB of available memory and 120 GB of available disk
C. 16 GB of available memory and 160 GB of available disk
D. 24 GB of available memory and 180 GB of available disk
Answer: B

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