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Genesys GCP-GC-ADM Real Exam Questions

Jul 05,2021

Genesys Cloud Certified Professional-Contact Center Administration GCP-GC-ADM real exam questions are available for you to study this Genesys professional exam. Genesys Cloud Contact Center Administration is intended for system administrators, contact center managers, project managers, and supervisors to help them monitor and administer the contact center. Genesys Cloud Contact Center Administration introduces the fundamental concepts and major components associated with the Contact Center feature set of the Genesys Cloud platform.

Genesys GCP-GC-ADM Real Exam Questions

Genesys GCP-GC-ADM Exam

Genesys GCP-GC-ADM exam information is helpful for you have a basic understanding of the test. The type of GCP-GC-ADM exam questions are Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, True/False, and Matching Questions. There are 50 questions in real Genesys Cloud Certified Professional-Contact Center Administration GCP-GC-ADM exam, and you have 120 minutes to complete all the questions. The passing score for the Genesys Cloud Certified Professional-Contact Center Administration exam is 65%. Genesys GCP-GC-ADM exam is available in English only. 

GCP-GC-ADM Genesys Exam Objectives

Genesys professional GCP-GC-ADM exam objectives cover the following details. 

Basic overview of the Genesys Cloud Platform and Administration

Overview of Genesys Cloud collaborate
List the features of Genesys Cloud contact center
List the three levels of contact center licensing

Configure Automatic Call Distribution to optimize customer service

Describe ACD processing
Explain interaction flow and queue design
Explore evaluation and routing combination methods
Configure agent utilization
Configure ACD skills and language skills
Configure wrap-up codes
Configure after call work
Activate and deactivate agents on queues
Configure ACD email in admin settings
Manage ACD email routing
Describe ACD messages

Supervisor Tools

List the types of reports and use
Overview of performance dashboards
Create and manage alert
Activate and deactivate agents in queues
Monitoring in-progress interactions

Roles, Permissions, and Divisions

List the types of roles and permissions
Explain license management
Overview of divisions

Purpose and capabilities of Genesys Cloud Architect

Features of Genesys Cloud Architect 
Describe the options for flow management
Overview of prompts

Scripting in a contact center

Describe Scripts and basic script functionality
Creating a basic script

Genesys Cloud Outbound Dialing

Describe the Outbound Dialing modes 
Contact Lists Overview
Configure and test an Outbound Power Dialing campaign                           

Quality Management in a Genesys Cloud contact center

Quality Policies Overview
Describe how to enable call recording on a Trunk
Create a recording policy
Create and publish an Evaluation form
Quality Evaluator Dashboard
Quality Administrator Dashboard

Workforce Management in a Genesys Cloud contact center  

Workforce Management Overview 
Working with Schedules
Agents Schedule Detail view
Add a Blank schedule

Share some Genesys GCP-GC-ADM Real Exam Questions

Genesys certification GCP-GC-ADM real exam questions from Testpassport contain 60 Q&As. All the Genesys Cloud Certified Professional-Contact Center Administration GCP-GC-ADM real exam questions can help you test all the above objectives. Share some Genesys certification GCP-GC-ADM real exam questions and answers below. 
1.What additional functionality will your business have be setting up and using ACD Messaging in your contact center?
A.The ability to create and manage a Facebook page.
B.The ability for customers to access their accounts via social media channels.
C.The ability to receive and route specific tweets to agents so that they can respond to those tweets
D.The ability to have agents spontaneously post information about your business to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets.
Answer: B

2.What statements are true regarding contact lists used for ourbound campaigns? (Choose three.)
A.Contact lists must contain the home phone number and first and last name fields, at a minimum.
B.Each campaign can have its own contact list, or contact lists can he shared among campaigns.
C.To use the callable times features, each phone number column must have a corresponding time zone column containing the zone name. 
D.A contact list can have its own unique strcture, including an arbitrary number of phone number types. 
E.Contact lists are read-only and cannot be updated by the agents.
Answer: BCD

3.Genesys Cloud ACD assigns interactions to the most appropriate available agent. What arrtibutes can be used to determine the best available agent? (Choose three.)
A.Staffing requirements
B.Time since the agent became available
C.Additional attribute ratings
Answer: BDE

4.Which of the Performance views shows real-time data with historical metrics to give you both short term and long-term views?
C.Dynamics Views
D.All of the above
Answer: C

5.Which of the following media types can be selects when creating a report? (Choose three.)
Answer: ACD

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