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HCIA-AI H13-311_V3.0 Real Exam Questions

Sep 25,2020

H13-311 exam is a related test for HCIA-AI certification. When you register HCIA-AI H13-311 exam at Pearson VUE testing center, you will get the following three related exams.

H13-311 exam

You can choose the version you decide to take. Note: HCIA-AI V1.0 certification exam will be officially offline on June 30, 2021.

HCIA-AI H13-311_V3.0 Real Exam Questions

We have cracked the latest H13-311_V3.0 real exam questions yesterday, which are helpful for you to pass HCIA-AI H13-311_V3.0 exam. The official H13-311_V3.0 exam information and knowledge content are also important in the preparation. 

HCIA-AI H13-311_V3.0 Exam

Exam Type: Written examination
Exam Format: Single choice, Multiple choices, Judgments
Time: 90min
Passing Score/Total Score: 600/1000
Exam Cost: 200 USD
Language: Chinese, English

H13-311_V3.0 HCIA-AI Knowledge Content

Share latest H13-311_V3.0 HCIA-AI knowledge content in the following table with you. 

 Knowledge Areas  Percentage
 1.AI Overview  10%
 2.Machine Learning Overview  20%
 3.Deep Learning Overview  20%
 4.Mainstream Development Frameworks for AI  18%
 5.Huawei AI Development Framework MindSpore  2%
 6.Huawei AI Computing Platform Atlas  5%
 7.Huawei Open AI Platform for Smart Devices  2%
 8.HUAWEI CLOUD Enterprise Intelligence Application Platform  8%
 9.Comprehensive AI Experiment  15%

Huawei HCIA-AI H13-311_V3.0 Real Exam Questions

To pass Huawei HCIA-AI H13-311_V3.0 exam successfully, the new cracked HCIA-AI H13-311_V3.0 real exam questions can help you test all the related knowledge content. Share some HCIA-AI H13-311_V3.0 real exam questions below. 

1.Use with Atlas300 (3000) What conditions need to be checked when the accelerator card server compiles and runs the program?
A. carry out Atlas Driver Installation
B. It has been installed CUDA Software package
C. It has been installed Cmake Compilation tool
D. Complete environment configuration
Answer: A C D

2.Only matrix A and matrix B have the same number of rows and columns. A and B can be added.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

3.The training error will continue to decrease as the model complexity increases.
Answer: A

4.Which of the following services belong to Huawei EI Service family?
A. Dialogue robot
B. EI Basic services
C. Natural language processing
D. EI Big data service
Answer: A B C D

5.What is wrong description or backpropagation?
A. The learning process or the backpropagation algorithm consists of a forward propagation process and a back-propagation process.
B. The backpropagation algorithm is a learning algorithm suitable for multi-layer neural networks, which is based on the gradient descent method
C. The backpropagation phase sends training inputs to the network to obtain an stimuli response
D. until the response of the network to the input reaches the predetermined target range.
Answer: C

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