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HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.5 certification will be released!

Jun 28,2019

We all know that the current version of HCIA Routing and Switching certification is V2.2. News from Huawei official website, new HCIA Routing & Switching V2.5 will be released on Jul. 15, 2019. HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.5 certification is intended for professionals who have basic knowledge and skills in the field of communications network technologies. 

HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.5 Certification will be released!

Differences between contents of V2.2 and V2.5

HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.2 exam covers basic IP network connectivity, TCP/IP technologies, Ethernet technologies such as STP and RSTP, VLAN and Link Aggregation and their implementation within Huawei switches.

HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.5 exam covers Data communication basics, protocols commonly used at the physical layer to the application layer, IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols, MPLS and SR technologies, and network security technologies.

HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.5 is optimized and improved based on V2.2, which is mainly embodied in the following aspects: Added technical topics related to MPLS/SR.

The written exam code of V2.2 and V2.5

The written exam code of HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.2 certification is H12-211, and now the written exam code of HCIA-Routing and Switching V2.5 is still H12-211. After Jul.15, 2019, If you want to earn HCIA-Routing & Switching certification, please pay more attention to the contents of V2.5. 

Latest H12-211 Real Exam Questions

We provide the latest Huawei certification H12-211 real exam questions, which cover 292 Q&As. Our current H12-211 real exam questions cover all the exam topics of HCIA Routing and Switching V2.2. If you want to earn HCIA Routing and Switching V2.2 certification, our Huawei H12-211 real exam questions are your best choice to clear the test and earn the certification. Share some Huawei H12-211 real exam questions below. 

1.Which of the following statements about gratuitous ARP packets are true? (Multiple Choice)

A. A system can determine whether conflicting IP addresses are used by sending a gratuitous ARP packet.

B. A gratuitous ARP packet uses the same format as an ARP request packet.

C. A gratuitous ARP packet can help to update an IP address

D. A gratuitous ARP packet uses the same format as an ARP reply packet.

Answer: AB

2.The administrator wishes to configure OSPF on a router in the network, however the router has no loopback interface. Which value will be used as the router ID?

A. The lowest IP address of the router's active interfaces

B. The highest IP address of the router's active interfaces.

C. The IP address of the management interface.

D. The priority value of the router.

Answer: B

With HCIA Routing & Switching V2.2 H12-211 real exam questions, you can clear H12-211 exam and earn HCIA Routing & Switching V2.2 certification. 

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