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How Many Subjects does GED Test Cover?

Dec 09,2020

Want to pursue your dream job? GED test will be a good choice for you. The GED test covers 5 subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, Reading, and Language Arts, Writing. You can take all 5 together or one at a time at an official GED test center when you’re ready. Let me show you the details of the 5 subjects below. 

How Many Subjects does GED Test Cover?

Math (GED Mathematical Reasoning)

The GED Mathematics test is divided into two parts and measures your problem-solving skills, ability to interpret charts, tables, and graphs, and solve real-life problems.
Test topics: Number operations and number sense, Geometry and measurement, Data analysis, statistics, and probability, Algebra, functions, and patterns.
Time: 90 minutes
Questions format: Multiple choice

Science (GED Science)

The GED Science test measures your knowledge of life science, physical science, and earth and space science. Questions are based on science-related passages, graphs, tables, charts, and diagrams.
Test topics: Physics and Chemistry, Life science, Earth and Space science
Time: 80 minutes
Number of Questions: 50
Questions format: Multiple choice

Social Studies (GED Social Studies)

The GED Social Studies test measures your knowledge of history, geography, government, and economics.
Test Topics: History, Geography, Civics and government and Economics
Time: 70 minutes
Number of Questions: 50
Questions format: Multiple choice

Language Arts, Reading (GED Reading)

The GED Language Arts, Reading Test measures your ability to read, understand, and interpret different reading passages.
Test Topics: Poetry, drama, prose, Visual and performing arts reviews, Workplace and community documents
Time: 65 minutes
Questions format: Multiple choice

Language Arts, Writing (GED Writing)

The GED Language Arts, Writing test is divided into two parts, but the scores are combined so you’ll receive a single score. Part I is 75 minutes long and contains 50 multiple choice questions. Part II consists of writing an essay about a familiar subject. You will have 45 minutes to plan, write, and revise your essay.
Test Topics: Part 1-Organization, sentence structure, usage, mechanics, Part 2-Essay
Time: Part 1-75 minutes, Part 2-45 minutes
Questions format: Multiple choice + writing

Passing Score

You are required to score 450 on each test subject in order to pass and earn your GED credential in Canada.

The above information can help you study all the 5 subjects. We have cracked the latest real exam questions for GED Mathematical Reasoning, GED Science, GED Social Studies, GED Reading and GED Writing tests, which are valuable for you to pass these exams.