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How to Prepare PCNSA Exam?

Jul 22,2019

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator PCNSA exam is a hot one for Palo Alto Networks Certification. People who want to expand your career in Palo Alto Networks industry need to take PCNSA exam and earn the certification. Share you the following Palo Alto Networks PCNSA exam information for you to prepare the test.

How to Prepare PCNSA Exam?

About PCNSA Exam

Palo Alto Networks PCNSA exam will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to implement Palo Alto Networks next‐generation firewall PAN‐OS? 9.0 platform in any environment. PCNSA certification indicates that those who have passed it possess the in‐depth knowledge to design, install, configure, and maintain most implementations based on the Palo Alto Networks platform.

PCNSA Exam Details

PCNA exam details are helpful for you to prepare the test. With Palo Alto Networks PCNSA exam details, you can have a basic knowledge points of PCNSA exam. 

Number of items: 50

Time for exam items: 80 minutes

Format: Multiple Choice, Scenarios with Graphics, and Matching

Language: English

Intended Audience of PCNSA

PCNSA exam should be taken by anyone who wants to demonstrate a deep understanding of Palo Alto Networks technologies, including customers who use Palo Alto Networks products, value‐added resellers, pre‐sales system engineers, system integrators, and system administrators.

PCNSA Exam Topics

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator PCNSA exam topics cover the following 6 sections. 

Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform Core Requirements

Simply Passing Traffic

Traffic Visibility

Securing Traffic

Identifying Users

Deployment Optimization

PCNSA Real Exam Questions

Latest Palo Alto networks PCNSA real exam questions have been cracked, which include 50 questions and answers. Share some PCNSA real exam questions and answers below. 

1.Which two Palo Alto Networks security management tools provide a consolidated creation of policies, centralized management and centralized threat intelligence. (Choose two.)

A. GlobalProtect

B. Panorama

C. Aperture

D. AutoFocus

Answer: BD

2.Which statement is true regarding a Prevention Posture Assessment?

A. The Security Policy Adoption Heatmap component filters the information by device groups, serial numbers, zones, areas of architecture, and other categories

B. It provides a set of questionnaires that help uncover security risk prevention gaps across all areas of network and security architecture

C. It provides a percentage of adoption for each assessment area

D. It performs over 200 security checks on Panorama/firewall for the assessment

Answer: B

3.Which five Zero Trust concepts does a Palo Alto Networks firewall apply to achieve an integrated approach to prevent threats? (Choose five.)

A. User identification

B. Filtration protection

C. Vulnerability protection

D. Antivirus

E. Application identification

F. Anti-spyware

Answer: ACDEF

The above PCNSA exam information and PCNSA real exam questions can help you prepare the test and be certified. 

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