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Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Server H20-651-ENU Real Exam Questions

Apr 28,2021

Searching the latest Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Server H20-651-ENU real exam questions? We provide the latest Huawei HCS-Field-Server H20-651-ENU real exam questions, which are valid for you to pass the test. To earn this Huawei HCS-Field-Server certification, you need to pass Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Server H20-651-ENU exam successfully. With HCS-Field-Server certification, you'll has the ability to understand and master Huawei server products, solutions, relevant service and process thoroughly and the professional ability to install, configure and maintain Huawei servers.

Huawei Certified Specialist-Server H20-651-ENU Real Exam Questions

Huawei HCS-Field-Server H20-651-ENU Exam

Huawei HCS-Field-Server H20-651-ENU exam is targeted at leading, installing, operating, maintaining and troubleshooting Huawei server products. After you getting HCS-Field-Server certified, you are able to provide installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrade, etc. of Huawei servers to customers. There are 60 questions in real Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Server H20-651-ENU exam, and the exam fee is $100. HCS-Field-Server certification is valid in 2 years. 

H20-651-ENU Huawei HCS-Field-Server Exam Curriculum

H20-651-ENU Huawei Certified Field Specialist-Server exam curriculum includes the following details. 

H20-651 exam curriculum

Share Huawei H20-651-ENU Real Exam Questions

There are 176 Q&As in real Huawei HCS-Field-Server H20-651-ENU exam questions, which are helpful for you to study all the related skills. Share some Huawei certification H20-651-ENU real exam questions and answers below. 
1. In IBMC Web page, in which menu to view and set the SNMP information?
A. System settings
B. Alarm settings
C. Network configuration
D. User configuration
Answer: A

2. Which of the following instruction set does the current x86 architecture microprocessor use?
A. Reduced instruction set (RISC)
B. Complex Instruction Set (CISC)
C. Explicit Parallel Instruction Set (EPIC)
D. Serial instruction set
Answer: B

3. Log in iMana200 via IE browser, telnet to connect to the compute node, and connect to the virtual drive. IE8 browser abnormal death, forced to withdraw from IE8 browser and again through iMana200 telnet to connect compute node and found that cannot connect to the virtual drive. The system prompts the virtual media is being used, which of the following ways can solve this problem? (Multiple Choice)
A. Reboot the local computer
B. Reboot the browser
C. Restart the server BMC
D. enter the Windows Task Manager, forced to stop java.exe process
Answer: ACD

4. Through which of the following ways can E9000 blade's BMC management network port IP be configured? (Multiple Choice)
A. Configure via MM910 command line
B. Configure through the MM910 Web
C. Configure and manage the IP address of the network port through the local KVM in the BIOS
D. After logging in to the BMC through local serial port, configure and manage the IP address
Answer: ABCD

5. When connecting the server cable, to protect the core from damage, fiber or SFP+ cable turning radius can't be less than ( )?
A. 2cm
B. 9cm
C. 8cm
D. 12cm
Answer: B

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