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IBM C1000-031 Exam will be Retired on Mar.31, 2020

Jan 08,2020

News about IBM Power Systems Scale-Up Technical Sales C1000-031 exam, this exam will be retired on Mar.31, 2020. If you decide to take IBM certification C1000-031 exam, please do it before the date. To prepare IBM certification C1000-031 exam well, you need to study IBM C1000-031 exam information, topics and real exam questions below. 

C1000-031 exam will be retired on Mar.31, 2020

Study IBM C1000-031 Exam Information

IBM C1000-031 exam information is helpful for you to understand the test. 

Number of questions: 61

Number of questions to pass: 39

Time allowed: 90 mins

Available Languages: English, Japanese, French

Learn C1000-031 Exam Topics

IBM Power Systems Scale-Up Technical Sales C1000-031 exam topics cover the following exam topics. 
Power Systems Architecture and Product Family 26%
Virtualization 21%
Software and Operating System Considerations 15%
Design Solution to Customer Requirements 23%
Competition 15%

Read C1000-031 Real Exam Questions

IBM C1000-031 real exam questions are valid for you to pass. Share some IBM C1000-031 real exam questions below. 
1.A customer is comparing a Power Systems solution with an x86 solution for big data analytics.Which no-charge IBM analysis is available to justify the value of IBM Power Servers compared to x86 solutions?
A. IT Economics Study (Eagle Study)
B. Performance Navigator
C. System Planning Tool
D. Workload Estimator

2.Which IBM Power Systems Software provides network firewall services with the local virtualized server to control network traffic between LPARs?
A. PowerSC
B. Trusted AIX
C. PowerVC
D. Trusted Surveyor
Answer: A

3.Which of the following is an advantage of Power Systems Servers over Oracle Exadata solutions?
A. Support for Flash Drives
B. Ability to add cores and memory
C. Can run Oracle12C natively
D. Offers a greater quantity of cores for enhanced scaling
Answer: D
Use IBM certification C1000-031 real exam questions full version to pass the test with high score. 

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