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IBM C2090-616 Real Exam Questions have been Updated!

May 27,2019

IBM Certified Database Administrator C2090-616 real exam questions have been updated, which can guarantee you pass the test in the first attempt. To prepare DB2 11.1 Fundamentals for LUW C2090-616 exam, IBM C2090-616 real exam questions are an important part. Besides, learn and master IBM Certification C2090-616 exam information and topics are also important in your preparation, In our previous article, we have introduced IBM C2090-616 exam information and topics. You can check the details on the following page.

Cracked IBM C2090-616 Exam Questions

After you read and master IBM C2090-616 exam information and topics, practice our updated IBM C2090-616 real exam questions will help you consolidate your learning. 

IBM C2090-616 real exam questions have been updated!

Share some IBM C2090-616 exam questions and answers below. 

1.Which constraint can be used to ensure that identical values are never stored in a set of columns in a table?


B. Foreign key

C. Primary key

D. Informational constraint

Answer: C

2.Which of the following is TRUE about a COMMIT statement executed at the end of the T1 unit of work?

A. A ROLLBACK command executed just after the COMMIT command cancels that COMMIT

B. Save points defined during transaction T1 are released only if there is a RELEASE SAVEPOINT command executed after the COMMIT command

C. It finishes the current T1 unit of work and a new one is initiated, however it is possible to ROLLBACK to the latest SAVEPOINT before COMMIT

D. It finishes the current T1 unit of work and a new one is initiated. All changes made by UPDATE and DELETE commands during unit of work T1 are committed

Answer: D

3.Which of the following statements about stored procedures is TRUE?

A. Stored procedures can be written in SQL PL, but not in the PL/SQL dialect

B. The CREATE SOURCED PROCEDURE statement defines a procedure that is based on another procedure in a federated database

C. There are three types of stored procedures which can be deployed: SQL procedures, external procedures, and sourced procedures

D. Two identically-named procedures within a schema are permitted to have exactly the same number of parameters, but the parameters must have different data types assigned

Answer: B

4.Which edition of DB2 LUW has been discontinued in v11.1?

A. DB2 Developer Edition

B. DB2 Express Server Edition

C. DB2 Enterprise Server Edition

D. DB2 Connect Enterprise Server Edition

Answer: B

With our updated IBM Certification C2090-616 real exam questions, you can pass the test easily and earn related certifications. 

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