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IBM C9010-022 and C9010-030 Exams will be Retired on Nov.30, 2018

Nov 26,2018

News from IBM official website, IBM C9010-022 and C9010-030 exams will be retired on Nov.30, 2018. There are no replacement tests for the two exams. People who want to earn IBM Certified System Administrator-AIX V1 and IBM Certified System Administrator-IBM i V1 certifications need to take the two exams soon. Only 5 days are for you to register.


To help you prepare IBM AIX Administration V1 C9010-022 and IBM i Administration V1 C9010-030 exams, I collected the basic information and real exam topics of the two exams from IBM official website, share them with you. 


C9010-022 exam basic information and real exam topics

 C9010-022 Exam Basic Information  C9010-022 Real Exam Topics

 Number of questions: 62  

 Number of questions to pass: 36  

 Time allowed: 120 mins  

 Status: Live  

 Available Language: English

 Section 1-System Availability 9%  

 Section 2-Storage Management 15% 

 Section 3-System and Network Security 9%  

 Section 4-Partition Management 12%  

 Section 5-Performance Management and Tuning 10%  

 Section 6-Network Management 11%  

 Section 7-System Management 13%  

 Section 8-Install and Manage AIX 13%  

 Section 9-General Administrative Tasks 8%

C9010-030 exam basic information and real exam topics

 C9010-030 Exam Basic Information  C9010-030 Real Exam Topics

 Number of questions: 66  

 Number of questions to pass: 39  

 Time allowed: 120 mins   

 Status: Live   

 Available Language: English

 Section 1-Operating System Upgrades 7% 

 Section 2-PTF Management 7%  

 Section 3-Problem Determination 8%  

 Section 4-Backup Tasks 8% 

 Section 5-Recovery Tasks 8%  

 Section 6-Work Management 8%  

 Section 7-User Administration 5%  

 Section 8-Networking 6%  

 Section 9-HMC Management 5%  

 Section 10-System Firmware (FSP) 4%  

 Section 11-Performance Management and Tuning 7%  

 Section 12-Write and debug simple CL programs & queries in support of administrative tasks 5%  

 Section 13-Security & Compliance 10%  

 Section 14-Journaling & Database Management 8%  

 Section 15-IBM i Access, Access Client Solutions, & IBM Navigator for i 4%

With all the above IBM C9010-022 and C9010-030 exam information and topics, you can learn the test well. We provide the latest IBM C9010-022 and C9010-030 real exam questions, which can help you test the skills. Use our IBM C9010-022 and C9010-030 exam questions to pass the tests in a short time. 

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