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IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 C1000-101 Questions

Jan 14,2022

IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 C1000-101 exam is one related test for IBM Certified Professional Sales Engineer-Cloud v1 certification, which evaluate the client's business requirements, technical requirements, and/or competitive landscape, collaborate across multiple stakeholders delivering effective communication and presentation on architecture and solution design. We have cracked the latest IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 C1000-101 real exam questions, which are valuable for you to pass the test easily.


IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 C1000-101 Questions


IBM Certification C1000-101 Exam

IBM Certification C1000-101 exam information is helpful in your study. 
Number of questions: 63
Number of questions to pass: 44
Time allowed: 90 minutes

IBM C1000-101 Exam Topics

IBM C1000-101 exam topics cover the following details. 

IBM C1000-101 topics

Share IBM C1000-101 Real Exam Questions

Latest IBM C1000-101 real exam questions are the best preparation material for you to study the above IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 C1000-101 topics. Share some IBM Certification C1000-101 real exam questions and answers below.
1. Which registry provides automatic vulnerability scanning for container images for Red Hat Openshift on IBM Cloud?
A. Docker Hub
B. Public Registry
C. OpenShift Container Registry
D. IBM Cloud Container Registry
Answer: D

2. Which Kubernetes component provides data persistence to containers?
A. deployment
B. statefulset
C. persistent volume
D. persistent application
Answer: C

3. A client’s application requires an unstructured highly scalable cloud storage service, designed for high durability, resiliency and security. Which IBM Storage offering provides these capabilities?
A. IBM Cloud Object Storage
B. IBM Block Storage Endurance
C. IBM Block Storage Performance
D. IBM File Storage Endurance with API Extension
Answer: A

4. Which IBM Cloud storage offering has Smart Tier enabled?
A. IBM File Storage
B. IBM Block Storage
C. IBM Cloud Ceph Storage
D. IBM Cloud Object Storage
Answer: D

5. Which offering allows clients to monitor their IBM Cloud account and check unusual activity, while complying with audit and compliance requirements?
A. HyTrust
B. Intel TXT
C. IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA
D. IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management
Answer: C