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IBM SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 C2090-011 Real Exam Questions

Jun 01,2020

Decide to earn IBM Certified Specialist-SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 certification, you need to pass C2090-011 exam successfully. We provide the latest IBM certification C2090-011 real exam questions, which are valid for you to prepare the test. IBM Certified Specialist-SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 certification is for individuals with a working knowledge of IBM SPSS Statistics version 15 or higher, including: analysts, statisticians, and individuals in academia, business, or research who use the IBM SPSS product.

IBM SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 C2090-011 Real Exam Questions

To study IBM C2090-011 exam well, the official IBM C2090-011 exam information, topics and our IBM C2090-011 real exam questions are important in the preparation.

IBM C2090-011 Exam Information

In real IBM SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 C2090-011 exam, there are 55 questions. You have 90 minutes to complete the test. The number of questions required to pass is 37. The available language is English. Each candidate can register IBM certification C2090-011 exam at Pearson VUE test center.

C2090-011 IBM Exam Topics

IBM SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 C2090-011 exam cover the following 7 sections.
Operations/Running IBM SPSS Statistics 15%
Reading and Defining Data 16%
Data Understanding/Descriptives 9%
Data Management 15%
Data Transformations 16%
Output: Editing and Exploring 7%
Basic Inferential Statistics 22%

Study IBM C2090-011 Real Exam Questions

IBM Certification C2090-011 real exam questions can help the candidates test the above topics. Share some IBM SPSS Statistics Level 1 v2 C2090-011 real exam questions below. 
1.If you request an aggregated dataset or data file in the Aggregate procedure, the number of cases in the new aggregated file is equal to what?
A. Number of cases in the original data file
B. Number of aggregated summary variables
C. Number of categories of the variables specified in the Break Variables list
D. Number of cases that you specified in the Aggregate Data dialog box
Answer: C

2.If you use the IBM SPSS Statistics Select Cases dialog to conduct analysis on a subset of cases and you want to keep all cases in the same dataset, which option is appropriate?
A. Copy unselected cases to a new dataset
B. Copy selected cases to a new dataset
C. Delete unselected cases
D. Filter out unselected cases
Answer: D

3.For a variable salary we have the statistics as shown in the figure below.

The reported Mean is incorrect because a value, -9999, is included in its calculation. How can this situation be fixed?
A. Define -9999 as a system-missing value.
B. Remove all cases with the value -9999 for the variable salary from the data file.
C. Define -9999 as a user-missing value.
D. Define -9999 as both a system- and user-missing value.
Answer: C

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