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JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 Exam will be Retired on January 17, 2021

Dec 16,2020

Juniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 exam will be retired on January 17, 2021, and the new replacement test is JN0-1332 Security Design, Specialist. If you decide to earn Juniper JNCDS-SEC certification, you need to take JN0-1331 exam before the retired date. We have cracked the latest Juniper certification JN0-1331 real exam questions, which are helpful for you to study the test. The following Juniper JN0-1331 exam information, topics and real exam questions are your best guides to prepare the test.

JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 Exam will be Retired on January 17, 2021

Juniper JN0-1331 Exam

This JN0-1331 written exam verifies your understanding of designing secure networks.
Exam format: Written exam
Administered by Pearson VUE
Exam length: 90 minutes
Exam type: 65 multiple-choice questions
Pass/fail status is available immediately

JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 Exam Objectives

Security Design, Specialist JN0-1331 exam objectives cover the following details.
Fundamental Security Concepts
Advanced Security Concepts
Securing the Campus and Branch
Securing the Enterprise WAN
Securing the Service Provider WAN
Securing the Data Center
Security Automation and Management
Security Virtualization
High Availability 

Study Juniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 Real Exam Questions

The new cracked Juniper JNCDS-SEC JN0-1331 real exam questions can help you test all the above exam objectives. Share some Juniper certification JN0-1331 real exam questions and answers below.
1.You are creating a security design proposal for an enterprise customer. As part of the design, you are implementing 802.1x authentication on your EX Series devices. In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)
A. The supplicant is the device that prevents the authenticator’s access until it is authenticated
B. The supplicant is the device that is being authenticated
C. The authenticator is the device that is being authenticated
D. The authenticator is the device that prevents the supplicant’s access until it is authenticated
Answer: BD

2.You are asked to install a mechanism to protect an ISP network from denial-of-service attacks from a small number of sources. Which mechanism will satisfy this requirement?
C. Sky ATP
D. GeoIP
Answer: A

3.You are responding to an RFP for securing a large enterprise. The RFP requires an onsite security solution which can use logs from third-party sources to prevent threats. The solution should also have the capability to detect and stop zero-day attacks. Which Juniper Networks solution satisfies this requirement?
B. Sky ATP
Answer: D

4.You are designing an SDSN security solution for a new campus network. The network will consist of Juniper Networks Policy Enforcer, Juniper Networks switches, third-party switches, and SRX Series devices. The switches and the SRX Series devices will be used as security enforcement points. Which component supports the SRX Series devices in this scenario?
A. Security Director
B. RADIUS server
C. certificate server
D. DHCP server
Answer: A

5.Your company has outgrown its existing secure enterprise WAN that is configured to use OSPF, AutoVPN, and IKE version 1. You are asked if it is possible to make a design change to improve the WAN performance without purchasing new hardware. Which two design changes satisfy these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Modify the IPsec proposal from AES-128 to AES-256
B. Change the IGP from OSPF to IS-IS
C. Migrate to IKE version 2
D. Implement Auto Discovery VPN
Answer: BD

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