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Juniper JNCIS-DevOps JN0-422 Real Exam Questions

May 09,2022

Juniper JN0-422 exam is the new replacement test of JN0-421. Now, if you want to earn Juniper JNCIS-DevOps certification, you need to pass JN0-422 exam. Juniper JNCIS-DevOps certification is designed for networking professionals with intermediate knowledge of automation tools and best practices. We provide Juniper JNCIS-DevOps JN0-422 real exam questions, which are useful in your preparation. I also collected other Juniper JN0-422 exam information for you to study the test. 

Juniper JNCIS-DevOps JN0-422 Real Exam Questions

Juniper JNCIS-DevOps JN0-422 Exam

Juniper JN0-422 written exam verifies your understanding of the application of scripting tools such as PyEZ, Python, and Ansible to Junos devices and networks.
Number of questions: 65 multiple-choice questions
Duration: 90 minutes
Delivered by: Pearson VUE
Language: English
Pass/fail status is available immediately after taking the Juniper JN0-422 exam. This JNCIS-DevOps certification is valid in 3 years.

Juniper JN0-422 Exam Objectives

The following are the details of Juniper JNCIS-DevOps JN0-422 exam objectives. 
Platform Automation Overview
Data Serialization and Templating
Automation Frameworks
Junos Automation Scripts

Share some Juniper JNCIS-DevOps JN0-422 Real Exam Questions

Juniper JNCIS-DevOps JN0-422 real exam questions are the best material for you to study the above Automation and DevOps Specialist (JNCIS-DevOps) JN0-422 exam objectives. Share some Juniper certification JN0-422 real exam questions and answers below. 
1.Which statement describes the purpose of Ansible roles?
A. A collection of hosts that have been categorized by purpose.
B. A collection of permissions for users of your Ansible setup.
C. A collection of tasks to be run on a given set of hosts.
D. A collection of Ansible playbooks.
Answer: C

2.You want to push a configuration onto a Junos device without using NETCONF. Which two will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
C. Ansible
Answer: AD

3.You have created an on-box script and want to deploy it on your device. You plan to place it in a directory where the Junson OS can execute it. Which two privilege levels would be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. super-user
B. read-only
C. operator
D. root
Answer: AD

4.What are three elements of a JET notification message? (Choose three.)
A. hostname
B. time
C. username
D. severity
E. subscription type
Answer: ABD

5.Using the REST ful API on Junos device, you are able to retrieve configuration information in which three formats? (choose three.)
E. plain text
Answer: BCE

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