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New C1000-067 Exam will Replace C2090-102 Test

Apr 05,2021

IBM Certification C2090-102 exam will be retired on April 30, 2021, and the new replacement test is C1000-067 IBM Data Warehouse V1 Solution Architect. If you decide to take IBM Big Data Architect C1000-102 exam, please do it before the retirement date. Let me show you the differences between IBM certification C2090-102 and C1000-067 tests. I collected all the related IBM C2090-102 and C1000-067 exams information from the official website. 

New C1000-067 Exam will Replace C2090-102 Test

IBM C2090-102 VS C1000-067 Exam

 C2090-102 Exam  C1000-067 Exam

 Number of questions: 55  

 Number of questions to pass: 33   

 Time allowed: 90 mins  

 Available Languages: English

 Number of questions: 62  

 Number of questions to pass: 42   

 Time allowed: 90 mins  

 Available Languages: English

C2090-102 VS C1000-067 Exam Topics

 C2090-102 Exam Topics  C1000-067 Exam Topics

 Requirements 16%  

 Use Cases 46%  

 Applying Technologies 16%  

 Recoverability 11%  

 Infrastructure 11%

 Section 1 Planning 11%  

 Section 2 Design 21%  

 Section 3 Data Integration 19%  

 Section 4 Analytics 19%  

 Section 5 Production Readiness, Deployment & Lifecycle 8%  

 Section 6 Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning & Strategy 10%  

 Section 7 Governance, Compliance, Monitoring & Security 12%

Share IBM C2090-102 Real Exam Questions

We provide the latest IBM Certification C2090-102 real exam questions, which can help test all the above topics. Share some IBM Big Data Architect C1000-102 real exam questions below. 
1.Which of the following is NOT a valid Big Data platform integration?
A. Platform plugins
B. Intraplatform integration
C. Enterprise integration with other repositories
D. Network integration
Answer: D

2.The CAP Theorem states that it is not possible for a distributed computer system to guarantee all three of these?
A. Consistency, Accuracy, and Partition tolerance
B. Concurrency, Availability, and Parallel updates
C. Concurrency, Accuracy, and Parallel updates
D. Consistency, Availability, and Partition tolerance
Answer: B

3.Which one of the following statements about Big SQL is NOT TRUE?
A. BIG SQL supports querying data but doesn't support updates and deletes
B. BIG SQL is ANSI 2011 Compliant
C. BIG SQL is supported to work with Cloudera
D. BIG SQL supports Fluid Query
Answer: A

4.Which of the following is NOT a typical Service Level Agreement (SLA) metric?
A. Abandonment rate
B. Average speed to answer
C. Time service factor
D. Average response time
Answer: D

5.Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding cloud applications?
A. Migrating a legacy application to the cloud is a simple solution to drive down cost
B. Architecting and deploying a scalable cloud application requires a private cloud implementation
C. To be truly elastic, a cloud application must be tightly coupled to the physical cloud environment
D. Leveraging a private vs. public cloud may result in sacrificing some of the core advantages of cloud computing
Answer: B

Want to check the latest questions of IBM C1000-067 exam, please pay more attention to the news on our website. 

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