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New Updated Citrix CCP-V 1Y0-312 Real Exam Questions

Oct 19,2020

Citrix CCP-V 1Y0-312 real exam questions have been updated, which are the best material for you to prepare the test well. We all know 1Y0-312 exam is a required test for Citrix CCP-V certification. If you are deciding to earn Citrix CCP-V certification, you need to pass 1Y0-312 exam successfully. The 1Y0-312 exam is focused on topics that are most important to those who manage and support a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 in an on-premises environment or Citrix Cloud looking to expand their Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops skills to an advanced level.

New Updated Citrix CCP-V 1Y0-312 Real Exam Questions

Citrix CCP-V 1Y0-312 Exam

The 1Y0-312 exam is a 71-question exam written in English. The exam consists of multiple choice items only. Each candidate has 90 minutes to complete the test. If you are non-native English Speakers, you will have 30 minutes time extension. The passing score for this Citrix CCP-V 1Y0-312 exam is 64%. You can register Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Advanced Administration 1Y0-312 exam at Pearson VUE test center. 

CCP-V 1Y0-312 Exam Topics

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Advanced Administration 1Y0-312 exam topics cover the following sections. 
Section 1: Architecture Overview
Section 2: Manage a Virtual Apps and Desktops Environment with Multiple Locations
Section 3: Implement Backups and Disaster Recovery
Section 4: Implement Advanced Authentication Methods
Section 5: Improve App and Data Security
Section 6: Secure Machines Running the Virtual Delivery Agent
Section 7: Advanced Troubleshooting
Section 8: App Layering and Creating the Layers
Section 9: Deploy a Layered Image using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
Section 10: Explore Layer Priority and Maintain an App Layering Environment
Section 11: Workspace Environment Management (WEM) Administration
Section 12: Use WEM to Centralize Environment Management, Optimize Performance and Secure Environments
Section 13: Migrate and Upgrade WEM

Study Updated Citrix CCP-V 1Y0-312 Real Exam Questions

The updated Citrix CCP-V 1Y0-312 real exam questions can help you test the above exam topics. There are 71 questions and answers in the updated 1Y0-312 exam material. Share some updated Citrix CCP-V 1Y0-312 real exam questions and answers below. 
1.Which PowerShell cmdlet is used to check the connection string, which connects the Citrix Delivery Controller to communicate to the site database?
A. Get-BrokerServiceInstance
B. Get-BrokerDbconnection
C. Get-BrokerConnectionLog
D. Get-BrokerInstalledDbVersion
Answer: B

2.Which three considerations are accurate regarding the Enterprise Layer Manager (ELM) server? (Choose three.)
A. It hosts the SMB file share for the Elastic Layers data.
B. It manages and maintains copies of all layers and layered images.
C. It is a Windows-based virtual appliance maintained on the hypervisor.
D. It hosts the Citrix App Layering Management Web Console.
E. It coordinates all communication within the Citrix App Layering imaging process.
F. It hosts the secondary file share for User Layer profile data.
Answer: ABC

3.In which two ways can a Citrix Engineer encrypt communication between the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines and Citrix Workspace app? (Choose two.)
A. Install a certificate on the Delivery Controllers.
B. Enable TLS on the VDA machines.
C. Install a certificate on the VDA machines.
D. Enable TLS on the StoreFront servers.
Answer: BC

4.Which three considerations are accurate when adding Active Directory (AD) objects to a Workspace Environment Management (WEM) Configuration set? (Choose three.)
A. Multiple users can be added at the same time by separating names with semicolons.
B. Individual or multiple AD users can be added to the WEM console but NOT groups.
C. Machine objects can be added using the Add Object button or Add OU button.
D. Objects must be configured in WEM before actions can be applied to them.
E. Item Priority can be assigned to user or OU objects but NOT to machine objects.
Answer: ACD

5.How can a Citrix Engineer use Session-Based Computing/Hosted Virtual Desktop (SBC/HVD) Tuning to optimize a user's desktop?
A. Control user permissions to external drives.
B. Intelligently modify CPU resource allocation.
C. Modify settings that improve the user experience.
D. Enable Single Sign-on to the virtual desktop.
Answer: B

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