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New Updated H35-211_V2.5 Real Exam Questions

Feb 21,2022

Huawei H35-211_V2.5 real exam questions have been updated, which are the best preparation material for you to study the test. To earn HCIP-Access certification, you will have the advanced knowledge and service understanding and application skills required for relevant work, and have the advanced knowledge required for the pre-sales and after-sales of Huawei access network products. Huawei H35-211_V2.5 exam information is useful in the preparation. 

New Updated H35-211_V2.5 Real Exam Questions

Huawei H35-211_V2.5 Exam

H35-211_V2.5 exam is for people who interested in Access.
Exam Type: Written examination
Exam Format: Single-answer Qusetion, Multiple-answer Question, True or false, Short Response Item, Drag and Drop Item
Time: 90min
Passing Score/Total Score: 600/1000
Exam Cost: 300USD
Language: Chinese, English

H35-211_V2.5 HCIP-Access Exam Knowledge Content

Huawei certification H35-211-V2.5 exam knowledge content cover the following details.
1.Networking protection 10%
2.VoIP Principles and Configuration 11%
3.Multicast Principles and Configuration 12%
4.QoS Basics 12%
5.PON Security Basics 12%
6.NMS service configuration 8%
7.POL&FTTx Planning and Design 22%
8.Typical Troubleshooting Cases 13%

Share Updated H35-211_V2.5 Real Exam Questions

Huawei H35-211_V2.5 real exam questions updated version is useful for you to study the above HCIP-Access knowledge content. Share some updated Huawei H35-211_V2.5 real exam questions below. 
1. When configuring the multicast service on the MA5600T/MA5680T, the multicast WLAN program adopts the static configuration mode. Which of the following options must be configured, otherwise the multicast program may not be able to be viewed?
A. igmp priority
B. igmp profile
C. igmp program
D. igmp preview
Answer: C

2. During the implementation of QoS for home broadband services, the DBA speed limit function is configured. Where is it taking effect?
Answer: B

3. Which of the following options is correct about congestion management?
A. When using the DWRR method, the weight ratio of each queue can be adjusted, but the total size is a fixed value.
B. When using the PQ mode, if the packet carrying priority is higher, the time it is sent from the port will be earlier.
C. If the low-priority queue uses PQ and the high-priority queue uses DWRR, the packets in the low-priority queue will be sent first.
D. When using DWRR, the larger the packet size, the larger the actual egress bandwidth obtained.
Answer: B

4. Deploying QoS can solve the problem of user service quality in the process of network communication. Its purpose does not include?
A. Control the number of concurrent users
B. Regulating the traffic of the IP network
C. Avoid and manage network congestion
D. Reduce the loss rate of packets
Answer: A

5. In the GPON system, in order to ensure the priority forwarding of important services, which queue scheduling method is recommended?
Answer: D

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