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New VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.20 Exam Replace 2V0-31.19

Nov 23,2020

We all know that 2V0-31.19 exam has been retired, and the new replacement test is VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.20 exam. If you want to earn VCP-CMA 2020 certification, you need to take and pass 2V0-31.20 exam. We have cracked the latest VMware certification 2V0-31.20 real exam questions, which will be the best material to study the test. I collected all the related VMware VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.20 exam information, topics and real exam questions for you to prepare the test.

New VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.20 Exam Replace 2V0-31.19

VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.20 Exam

VMware VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.20 exam tests your skills and abilities installing, configuring and administering a VMware vRealize environment. There are 70 questions in real Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.1 2V0-31.20 exam, and you have 140 minutes to complete all the questions. VMware certification 2V0-31.20 exam format is Single and Multiple Choice, Proctored. The required passing score of VMware 2V0-31.20 exam is 300. The exam price is $250. 

VMware 2V0-31.20 Exam Topics

The following content is covered in VMware VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.20 exam topics.

Section 1–Architecture and Technologies

Section 2–Products and Solutions

Section 3–Planning and Designing

Section 4–Installing, Configuring, and Setup

Section 5–Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades

Section 6–Troubleshooting and Repairing

Section 7–Administrative and Operational Tasks

Study VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.20 Real Exam Questions

VMware VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.20 real exam questions can help you test all the above topics. There are 70 Q&As in Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.1 2V0-31.20 real exam questions. Share some VMware certification 2V0-31.20 real exam questions and answers below. 
1.Where can an administrator examine the commands sent to cloudConfig by vRealize Automation during machine provisioning?
A. Extensibility > Activity > Workflow Runs
B. Extensibility > Library > Workflow Runs
C. Infrastructure > Activity > Events Log
D. Deployment > Provisioning Diagram > Dev Mode
Answer: A

2.Which type of tag can be used by an administrator from within a vRealize Automation blueprint to effect placement of provisioned items?
A. Storage tag
B. Standard tag
C. Constraint tag
D. Capability tag
Answer: C

3.An administrator creates a content source to import three Cloud Assembly blueprints in to Service Broker. After some time, he is tasked with deleting the content source. What would happen if and when this content source is deleted?
A. Only the content source is deleted but the blueprints remain intact in Service Broker.
B. Once created, a content source cannot be deleted.
C. All three blueprints are deleted from Service Broker and Cloud Assembly.
D. All three blueprints are deleted from Service Broker.
Answer: A

4.Which vRealize Suite product helps an administrator understand the monetary impact of individual deployments and manage costs in vRealize Automation?
A. vRealize Log Insight
B. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager
C. vRealize Operations
D. vRealize Network Insight
Answer: B

5.An administrator is preparing to deploy vRealize Automation into production in one of several geo-distributed datacenters. For which type of deployment should the administrator plan while confirming resource capacity?
A. Multi-site
B. Standard
C. Clustered
D. Distributed
Answer: A 

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