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Nutanix NCM-MCI-5.15 Real Exam Questions

Jun 07,2021

Nutanix Certified Master-Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) 5.15 NCM-MCI-5.15 exam tests candidates on their skills and abilities performing advanced administrative tasks and optimizing both virtualized workloads and infrastructure components on an AOS 5.15 implementation. The latest Nutanix certification NCM-MCI-5.15 real exam questions are available, which are the best material for you to study all the related information. 
Nutanix NCM-MCI-5.15 Real Exam Questions

Nutanix NCM-MCI-5.15 Exam

Study the following Nutanix NCM-MCI-5.15 exam information to understand the test well. 
Number of questions: 90 multiple choice, multiple response and drag-and-drop questions
Time limit: 180 minutes
Exam languages: English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese
Passing score: 3000
Cost: $199

NCM-MCI-5.15 Nutanix Certification Exam Objectives

Nutanix certification NCM-MCI-5.15 exam objectives contain the following details. 
Section 1 - Administration and Planning
Section 2 - Storage Management
Section 3 - Data Protection
Section 4 - Security
Section 5 - Workload Management
Section 6 - Networking

Practice Nutanix NCM-MCI-5.15 Real Exam Questions

To test the above Nutanix Certified Master-Multicloud Infrastructure (NCM-MCI) 5.15 NCM-MCI-5.15 exam objectives, the latest Nutanix certification NCM-MCI-5.15 real exam questions and answers are your good material. Share some Nutanix NCM-MCI-5.15 real exam questions and answers below. 
1.An administrator is currently using both 10g uplink with LACP and balance-tcp. A single VM should not be allowed to use more than a single 10G uplink, and both uplinks should be utilized. Which two command should be used to configure the bond? (choose two)
A. Ovs-vsctl set port br0-up bond_mode=balance-slb
B. Ovs-vsctl set port br0-up bond_mode=balance-tcp
C. Ovs-vsctl set port br0-up bond_mode=active-backup
D. Ovs-vsctl set port br0-up other_config: bond-rebalance-interval=30000
Answer: AD

2.An organization is running a Nutanix Cluster based on AOS 5.10.x and VMware vSphere 6.7. Currently, the CVM network is segmented and Storage only nodes not present. A new security project based on NSX is coming. VMware Distributed Virtual Switches are required. The administrator needs to prepare the environment for the new project. Which step should the administrator use to initiate the project?
A. Enable Nutanix Flow at the Prism Central Level
B. Manually disable CVM network Segmentation
C. Convert storage only nodes into vSphere nodes
D. Enable Jumbo Frames to accommodate network frames
Answer: D

3.A customer has Metro Availability configured in Automatic Resume Mode between Site A and Site B What happens to VMs if Primary Site A has full network failure?
A. Automatic protection domain promotion in Site B. VMs automatically restart in Site B
B. VMs continue to run on Site A following an automatic disable of protection domains.
C. An administrator must unwitness in Site B and promote protection domains in Site B for VMs to restart
D. An administrator must promote protection domains in Site B for VMs to restart.
Answer: D

4.An administrator learns that some security settings in a cluster have been changed. The environment is out of compliance with required policies. Which function should be used to revert any settings that have changed from the defaults and prevent further violations?
A. Cluster Lockdown with strong password enforcement
B. Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment (AIDE)
C. Security Configuration Management Automation (SCMA)
D. Defense Information Systems Agency STIG enforcement
Answer: C

5.An administrator is deploying an application using Nutanix Volumes. After configuring the volume group and connecting the guest's iSCSI initiator to the volume group, they begin performance testing. The administrator learns that performance on the virtual disk attached to the iSCSI initiator is far less than that of a virtual disk connected directly to the VM. Which situation is causing this condition?
A. The VM's iSCSI traffic is being routed to the data services IP subnet
B. The performance test is generating small block random 10.
C. The duster data services IP address is a bottleneck, shared with other iSCSI traffic
D. Data Locality ensures that VM attached disks are always faster than iSCSI volumes.
Answer: C