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Nutanix NCS-Core Real Exam Questions

Oct 11,2021

Nutanix NCS-Core real exam questions have been cracked, which are valuable for you to prepare for the test. To take NCS-Core exam, you have demonstrated basic understanding of delivering Nutanix Services. NCS-Core candidates have the technical knowledge to execute the installation and configuration services by Nutanix standards by facilitating a kickoff call, deploying Nutanix clusters using Foundation, fundamentals of delivering a Nutanix Service and provide a proper Services knowledge transfer, and providing the standard service deliverables.

Nutanix NCS-Core Real Exam Questions

Nutanix NCS-Core Exam Skills

Nutanix certification NCS-Core exam skills cover the following details. 
Bill of Materials
Cloud Computing
Computer Systems Administration
Configure Virtual Networks
Hyper-converged Infrastructure
Infrastructure Deployment
Knowledge Transfer
Multi Cloud
Pre-Call Planning
Storage Virtualization
Virtual Machines

Share Nutanix Certification NCS-Core Real Exam Questions

New cracked Nutanix certification NCS-Core real exam questions are the best material for you to test the above objectives. Share some Nutanix certification NCS-Core real exam questions and answers below. 
1.A consultant is setting up a new Hyper-V cluster. The customer requirements are as follows:
* VMs should automatically failover to another host if the host crashes
* Host CPU and Memory resources should be evenly balanced
* New VMs should be placed on the host with the most resources available Which two Hyper-V features can be used to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)
A. Failover Clustering
B. Distributed Resource Scheduler
C. Performance Resource Optimization
D. High Availability
Answer: A,C

2.While trying to upgrade AOS in a cluster, a consultant receives a warning message that there are two powered-on VMs that need to be powered off for the upgrade to proceed. What would cause this warning to be issued?
A. There are not enough resources left in the two-node cluster.
B. Upgrading a single-node cluster requires the VMs to be shut down.
C. Upgrading a two-node cluster requires the VMs to be shut down.
D. There are not enough resources left in the single-node cluster.
Answer: B

3.A consultant is viewing an ESXi host via console without external network connectivity. Which two IP addresses can be used to connect to the CVM (Choose two.)
Answer: A,B

4.An administrator of a Nutanix Enterprise Cloud has microsegmentation enabled and a firewall VM installed. The security team notifies the administrator that one of the VMs hosted in the environment has been exhibiting suspect network activity. The administrator wants to isolate the VM from the production network, but must still be able to access it to perform diagnostics. What should the administrator do to meet the requirement?
A. Disable the vNIC on the affected VM
B. Create a firewall rule that blocks VM traffic but permits diagnostic access
C. Quarantine the VM using the Forensic Method
D. Create asecurity policy with a service chain directing that VMs traffic to the firewall VM
Answer: C

5.A consultant is planning a new cluster installation and needs to locate the Shared IPMI port for each of the specific nodes that the customer has bought. Which Support Portal location contains the document that would identify the port?
A. Hardware Replacement Documentation
B. Knowledge Base
C. Software Documentation
D. Solutions Documentation
Answer: A

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