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PDX-101 Essentials of Pardot Lightning App for Digital Marketers Questions

Jan 11,2021

Want to become a Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist? Essentials of Pardot Lightning App for Digital Marketers PDX-101 exam will show you how to effectively design, build, and implement marketing workflows, as well as use Pardot-generated reports in the Pardot Lightning App to make data-driven decisions. We have cracked the latest Salesforce Pardot Specialist PDX-101 real exam questions, which are the best guides for you to prepare the test. 

Note: PDX-101 exam is a recommend course for Salesforce Pardot Specialist certification.

PDX-101 Essectials of Pardot Lighting App for Digital Marketers Questions

Pardot Specialist PDX-101 Participants

Pardot Marketers

Business Users

Salesforce Administrators 

Salesforce PDX-101 Exam Topics

Salesforce Integration
Visitors and Prospects
List Management
Personalization and Email Marketing
Forms and Landing Pages
Lead Management
Lead Qualification
Lead Nurturing

Study Pardot Specialist PDX-101 Real Exam Questions

The new Pardot Specialist PDX-101 real exam questions can help you test all the above topics. Share Essentials of Pardot Lightning App for Digital Marketers PDX-101 real exam questions and answers below. 
1.A designer wants to apply LenoxSoft’s styling to assets in Pardot.Which two assets can they control CSS styling for In Pardot? Choose 2 answers
A. Landing pages
B. Form handlers
C. Forms
D. Social posts
Answer: A, C

2.What is one way a sales rep can convert a visitor to a prospect?
A. The sales rep gives the visitor a phone call.
B. The sales rep increases the visitor s score to 100.
C. The sales rep manually associates the visitor with a prospect.
D. The sales rep walks the visitor through a demo.
Answer: C

3.LenoxSoft’s Marketing Manager notices that clicks on the email link aren’t being counted in the list email report.Based on this link’s format, why wouldn’t it have been re-written for tracking?
A. The link should start with http or https to be automatically re-written.
B. The link should contain a wildcard to be automatically re-written.
C. The link should point to go.pardot com to be automatically re-written.
D. The link should be populated with variable tags to be automatically re-written
Answer: A

4.LenoxSoft conducted a database clean-up project and mass updated their prospects. A few of their prospects were updated incorrectly and they need to investigate what happened.What three data points can be found in the prospect's Audits tab to help determine what updates were made? Choose 3 answers
A. The Lifecycle Report filtered by timeframe
B. The prospect fields that were updated
C. The amount of time the prospect spent viewing the website
D. The lists that that prospect was added to or removed from
E. The data and time when a prospect was assigned
Answer: C, D, E

5.A new automation rule is created.What action is required for prospects to begin matching that automation rule?
A. Resume the rule after saving
B. Sava the rule without any additional action
C. Schedule the rule to run before saving it
D. Preview the rule before saving it
Answer: D

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