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Steps to Pass VMware 5V0-35.21 Exam

Mar 14,2023

The 5V0-35.21 exam is a certification exam offered by VMware for the VMware vRealize Operations - Cloud Management Automation 2023 and VMware Certified Specialist - vRealize Operations 2023 certifications. This certification validates the candidate's ability to configure, deploy, and manage a VMware vRealize Operations environment. If you are intending to earn these certifications, you need to pass VMware certification 5V0-35.21 exam successfully. Follow the steps to pass the test. 

Steps to Pass VMware 5V0-35.21 Exam

Read VMware 5V0-35.21 Exam Information

VMware 5V0-35.21 exam measures the candidate's skills in configuring, deploying, and managing vRealize Operations solutions in complex enterprise environments.
Number of questions: 76
Duration: 135 minutes
Language: English
Passing Score: 300
Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Proctored
Price: $250

Study VMware 5V0-35.21 Exam Objectives

VMware certification 5V0-35.21 exam objectives cover the following details. 

1.Architecture and Deployment of vRealize Operations:
VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) is a software suite that provides performance, capacity, and configuration management capabilities for virtual and cloud environments. vROps can be deployed in a single node or multi-node cluster configuration depending on the size and complexity of the environment. The architecture of vROps includes several components such as data nodes, analytics nodes, remote collectors, and user interface nodes. Data nodes are responsible for collecting data from various sources such as vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, and other management packs. Analytics nodes process the collected data and provide insights and recommendations. Remote collectors are used to collect data from remote data centers, while user interface nodes provide the web-based interface to access vROps.

2.Configuring vRealize Operations:
Once vROps is deployed, it needs to be configured to collect data and generate insights. The configuration process includes adding data sources, configuring adapters, setting up policies, defining alert definitions, creating custom dashboards, and configuring integration with other tools such as VMware vSphere and VMware vRealize Automation. The configuration can be done through the web-based user interface or through APIs.

3.Policies and Alert Definitions:
Policies and Alert Definitions are used to manage and monitor the performance and capacity of the virtual and cloud environment. Policies define the metrics and thresholds that are used to evaluate the environment, while alert definitions specify the conditions that trigger an alert. Policies can be applied to individual objects or groups of objects, and they can be customized based on the needs of the environment.

4.Capacity Planning and Optimization:
Capacity Planning and Optimization is the process of managing and optimizing the resources of the virtual and cloud environment. vROps provides capacity planning and optimization capabilities that enable administrators to monitor and analyze the usage and utilization of resources such as CPU, memory, storage, and network. The capacity planning and optimization process includes forecasting future resource needs, identifying over and underutilized resources, and optimizing the allocation of resources.

5.Performance Optimization:
Performance Optimization is the process of identifying and resolving performance issues in the virtual and cloud environment. vROps provides performance optimization capabilities that enable administrators to monitor and analyze the performance of the environment and identify bottlenecks and performance issues. The performance optimization process includes identifying the root cause of the issue, optimizing the configuration of the environment, and fine-tuning the resources to improve performance.

Troubleshooting is the process of identifying and resolving issues in the virtual and cloud environment. vROps provides troubleshooting capabilities that enable administrators to identify and resolve issues such as configuration errors, network issues, and performance issues. The troubleshooting process includes collecting and analyzing logs, using built-in tools and scripts to diagnose issues, and working with support teams to resolve complex issues.

Practice VMware 5V0-35.21 Real Questions

VMware 5V0-35.21 real questions are the best material for you to study online VMware vRealize Operations Specialist exam objectives. If you are planning to take the VMware 5V0-35.21 certification exam, then you must prepare well for it. Testpassport offers a vast collection of exam questions and answers that are designed to help you prepare for the exam. VMware 5V0-35.21 certification is an excellent certification for professionals looking to advance their career in the field of VMware vRealize Operations Specialist. With this certification, you can prove your expertise in VMware vRealize Operations Specialist and gain recognition for your skills.

Take and Pass VMware 5V0-35.21 Exam

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