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The Best Way to Pass 5V0-34.19 Exam

May 18,2020

To be a leader in VMware Specialist vRealize Operations area, VMware 5V0-34.19 exam is a good one for you to choose. 5V0-34.19 exam is a required test for VMware vRealize Operations-Cloud Management Automation 2020 and VMware Specialist–vRealize Operations 2020 certifications. To earn the two certifications, you need to pass VMware certification 5V0-34.19 exam successfully. So, What is the best way to pass VMware 5V0-34.19 exam?

The Best Way to Pass 5V0-34.19 Exam

Study VMware Certification 5V0-34.19 Exam

VMware 5V0-34.19 exam tests your skills and abilities installing, configuring, and managing a VMware vRealize Operations 7.5 environment. 
Duration: 85 Minutes
Number of Questions: 50
Passing Score: 300
Format: Single and Mulitple Choice, non-proctored
Exam Price: $125

Master VMware 5V0-34.19 Exam Topics

VMware 5V0-34.19 exam topics cover the following 7 sections. 
Section 1–Architecture and Technologies
Section 2–Products and Solutions
Section 3–Planning and Designing
Section 4–Installing, Configuring, and Setup
Section 5–Performance-tuning, Optimization, and Upgrades
Section 6–Troubleshooting and Repairing
Section 7–Administrative and Operational Tasks

Learn VMware certification 5V0-34.19 Real Exam Questions

We have cracked the latest VMware certification 5V0-34.19 real exam questions, which are the best material for you to test the above skills. Share some VMware vRealize Operations 7.5 5V0-34.19 real exam questions below. You can read and study them. 
1.What is the maximum time period, from the current date, a What-If Analysis workload planning scenario can project?
A. 1 month
B. 3 months
C. 6 months
D. 1 year
Answer: D

2.Where in vRealize Operations is the number of additional VMs that can fit into a data center displayed?
A. datacenter Capacity Allocation Overview dashboard
B. datacenter object Environment tab
C. datacenter object Capacity tab
D. Cluster Utilization dashboard
Answer: C

3.What would cause a cluster to appear red, even though it is optimized?
A. The cluster is out of balance.
B. The cluster is out of Business Intent compliance.
C. The cluster capacity has few or no days remaining.
D. The cluster is out of Operational Intent compliance.
Answer: C

4.The default collection cycle is set.How often are cost calculations run?
A. every 5 minutes
B. daily
C. weekly
D. monthly
Answer: B

5.Which compliance standard is pre-installed in vRealize Operations?
A. Payment Card Industry (PCI)
B. vSphere Hardening Guidelines
C. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)
D. The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
Answer: B

Schedule and Take 5V0-34.19 Exam

Schedule VMware vRealize Operations 7.5 5V0-34.19 exam at Pearson VUE test center. After learning all of our VMware certification 5V0-34.19 real exam questions, you can pass the test in the first attempt.

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