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VMCE2021 - New Upgrade of VMCE2020 Test

Oct 13,2021

Veeam Certified Engineer 2021 VMCE2021 exam is the new upgrade test of VMCE2020, which will retire on October 31, 2021. Veeam certification holders have a deep understanding of Veeam Availability Suite, the critical functions required by an organization to actively protect their data and the ability to grow and adapt with an organization's evolving data protection needs. The VMCE certification is documented proof that an administer or engineer has the necessary level of expertise to protect an organization's data with Veeam Availability Suite.

VMCE2021 - New Upgrade of VMCE2020 Test

VMCE2021 Veeam Certified Engineer Exam

VMCE2021 Veeam Certified Engineer exam information can help you have a basic understanding of the test. 
Number of questions: 50
Duration: 75 minutes
Passing score: 70%
Language: English

Veeam VMCE2021 Exam Objectives

Veeam Certification VMCE2021 exam objectives cover the following details.
Describe Veeam Availability Suite components usage scenarios and relevance to your environment.
Effectively manage data availability in on-site, off-site, cloud and hybrid environments.
Ensure both Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) are met.
Configure Veeam Availability Suite to ensure data is protected effectively.
Adapt with an organization's evolving technical and business data protection needs.
Ensure recovery is possible, effective, efficient, secure and compliant with business requirements.
Provide visibility of the business data assets, reports and dashboards to monitor performance and risks.

Share Veeam VMCE2021 Real Exam Questions

Veeam Certification VMCE2021 real exam questions can help you test all the above objectives. Share some Veeam Certified Engineer VMCE2021 real exam questions and answers below. 
1.A customer has a physical proxy configured for Direct Storage Access without failover to network mode. The backup fails. What could be the issue?
A. The disks being processed are IDE and/or SATA
B. Write access has not been enabled on the SAN
C. The storage is not added into the storage infrastructure, inside the backup and replication console
D. One or more of the VM disk(s) are on Wols
E. The datastores are properly zoned and exposed to the proxy server but in read-only mode
Answer: D

2.Veeam is used for replicating VMware VMs. The production environment is comprised of two networks: and A web application requires a database server (whose IP address is to receive queries from a web client (whose IP address is The replicas are spread over multiple hosts. A backup administrator needs to configure a virtual lab to test a web client to database server query. Which of the following virtual lab types must be configured?
A. All virtual lab configurations would support that
B. Basic single-host
C. Advanced single-host
D. Advanced multi-host
Answer: C

3.which actions can be used to locate the exact extent of a scale-out backup repository containing a particular VM's backup data? Choose two options.
A. Check backup proxy settings
B. Check the specific VM in the job statistics
C. Check scale out backup repository settings
D. Check the inventory view for the specific VM
E. Open the extent repositories manually
Answer: B,C

4.You fail back a VM replica to the original location. Which of the following requirements needs to be met to be able perform quick rollback during a failback of a replica?
A. Perform failback to VM within the same subnet
B. The VM replica must have access to the repository where the full backup of the VM resides
C. The VM replica must be created with the "Use Changed Block Tracking data" option enabled
D. Indexing must be enabled for the original VM
Answer: C

5.Which of the following statements is true regarding the Veeam Backup & Replication integration with supported Storage Systems for VMware vSphere are true? (Choose three).
A. On storage accesses through NFS, VMs with snapshots will be skipped from Backup from Storage Snapshots
B. Veeam Backup & Replication can backup virtual machines from a supported secondary storage array
C. Enabling Backup from Storage Snapshots for all backup jobs are not recommended
D. On storage accessed through NFS, VMs with snapshots can be protected with Backup from Storage Snapshots
E. When Backup from Storage Snapshots is performed, VMware shapshot is never utilized
Answer: A,B,C

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